A pregnancy test kit: What next for the family Banks?

With two children already, Lizzie is excited to think that another might be on the way, and has invested in pregnancy testing kits to discover the truth. Ollie? Well, with an eye on the practicalities, he’s not quite so enthusiastic…

Lizzie didn’t need to speak to tell Ollie the result of the third pregnancy test she’d done in as many days; the result was written all over her face. Negative.

The result made him feel compromised; part of him was sad not so much for himself, but for his wife, who would clearly love to be pregnant again. But at the same time part of him was glad; quite apart from the pressure it would put them under, there were the finances to be considered. Even having become better at managing their expenses with the Solo Expenses money management app, there was only so far his monthly pay packet would stretch, and the income from Lizzie’s blog was insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

He wondered how to tell her, and decided he shouldn’t even try. At least not yet; when she had come to terms with the disappointment would be a better time. That was when she’d need to feel a positive spin of some kind; any kind.

“Even before I said anything to you, I even let it slip to Grandad Ron that I thought I might be pregnant, and he’s bound to have told Grandma Lorna. She’ll be so disappointed, “said Lizzie.

“Not necessarily,” Ollie replied. “You know what he’s like for playing his cards very close to his chest. How many times has he told you not to believe anything until you’ve seen it written down? I bet he hasn’t said a word.”

“You can’t know that, Ollie,” said his wife.

“Oh yes I can. For one thing, he’d want you to be able to tell her, and for another, has she rung you up about it, or been round with something she’s knitted? No, she hasn’t. For me that’s proof positive Grandad hasn’t said a word.”

Lizzie had to admit the truth behind what Ollie had said. Just as her father-in-law was a very private sort of man, his wife was outgoing with, (and she would admit it herself) a tendency to be over-excitable.

Money management as financial responsibility
“It’s not as though we can’t have children. Look at Alice and Jack; they’re beautiful, and they’re ours. We have a huge responsibility for them, financial and otherwise, and not having another baby means we’ll be able to devote more time and energy to them,” he said. “And we won’t be burdening the planet with another mouth to feed. Goodness knows, there are too many people here already.”

Tears welled anew in Lizzie’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, Lizzie, but we have to deal with life as it happens. It’s the ‘making lemonade when you get lemons’ thing all over again. Hard as it seems at the moment, the simple fact is that we don’t have another baby on the way, and that’s sad, but we mustn’t let it overshadow the good things in our life – and we’re a lot better off than thousands and thousands of people as far as that goes.

“We need to focus on the positives, like how well Alice and Jack are; how we have an extended family around us, and that we have our health too. Those are all very precious things, and I know you’ll be able to see how fortunate we are to have those things, even if we don’t have a third baby.

“Imaging how hard it would be to potty-train Jack at the same time as feeding Number Three. What a nightmare!”

Expense management and pensions
Lizzie dabbed at her eyes with the tissue she’d been twisting around her fingers, and Ollie thought he saw the ghost of a smile. “I could always go back to ‘normal’ employment, and you could stay at home to look after the children,” she suggested.

“Got any more crazy ideas?” he wanted to know. “Anyway, I’ve been looking at the numbers, and I wanted to talk about expense management and our pensions…”

Lizzie cut in: “Not now, Banks, not now. I did want to be pregnant, but whilst I’m getting used to the idea that I’m not, I don’t want you to trample all over the dream in your great big size nines. Let’s do it later. Let’s do what Grandma Lorna would do at a time like this. Put the kettle on…”

Picture: Tnaydur | Dreamstime