Peanuts: the price of an expense management solution to help businesses recover from Coronavirus

Are you worried about how best to control costs as your business climbs out from under the chaos of Coronavirus?

When it comes to your expense management system, ExpenseOnDemand has come up with the answer that’s a perfect fit for any size of SME – a £1 starter package that lets you use some of our features to help you control your spend on expenses and keep your hands on your hard-earned funds.

We’re calling it our ‘basic’ package, and it will become a permanent fixture of our pricing structure. It means you’ll pay £1 per employee per month – and we have every confidence that by using our expense management app you’ll be able to save more than that on a month-by-month basis.

Upgraded expense management system

The introduction of our ‘basic’ package is part of our campaign of continuous enhancement of our online expense management system, which has been helping small firms to manage their expenses since 2003.

The latest iteration delivers a brand-new user interface backed by a more secure environment, with access from mobile and via the web.

With the new interface, mobile users will be able to:

  • Claim and attach receipts
  • Scan receipts to create an expense automatically
  • View receipts and approve expenses
  • Invite employees to join
  • Assign approvers to claimants
  • Create multi-currency expenses
  • Enter mileage expenses

From the web it will be possible to

  • Invite employees
  • Assign approvers to claimants
  • Set up grades and assign claimants
  • Assign vehicles to employees
  • Set up and manage mileage rates
  • Export data to industry-standard business accounting packages
  • Delete test data

How you’ll make savings with our expense management app

Use of the ExpenseOnDemand app will yield savings in two areas – hard cash and saved time. The hard cash savings will accrue because using our app will eliminate errors and (let’s face it) fraud from your system. It’s well known that there is a tendency for employees to ‘overestimate’ expenses in some areas, such as mileage claims. By using GPS technology we’re able to make mileage claims 100% accurate.

Since our system eliminates the need for multiple data entry, it also eliminates the potential for error – which has the potential to be significant.

And it’s in that area that the time saving can make themselves apparent. If there’s no need for multiple data entry, then there is no need for anyone to devote any time to it; freeing up time for more productive work, or for a reduction in headcount. Remember that our expense management solution integrates with ‘household name’ business expense software, so a claimed expense can instantly be allocated to the relevant cost centre, department or project.

Approvals can be done swiftly in any spare moment, and that will free up more time, reducing to the barest minimum your commitment to non-revenue-earning admin.

The resulting time saved can then be devoted to far more pressing matters – like restoration of your business to pre-Coronavirus levels.

Picture: PublicDomainPictures | Pixabay