Our top TED Talks – Inspiring better money management

TED Talks spread the best ideas in business, creativity, technology and so much more. Here are some of our top picks that will hopefully inspire you to chase new ideas, make smart business choices and motivate you to succeed.

Bill Gross: The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed
So what matters most for a start-up company? The Idea right? Surprisingly, Bill Gross, pictured, reveals that timing is the most crucial factor for any start-up, not the business model, the funding or even the idea itself. The way an idea is executed is fundamental to any endeavour, however if it is limited by the time and impact of its release, even the greatest of ideas can fail. This is great advice for any start-up company, big or small.

Knowing the market you want to enter can determine the success or failure of a business. For example, as more and more independent business owners are using their phones to control many aspects of their companies, the demand for money management apps has risen. Solo Expenses Personal Use was built to help control spending and improve the expense management of sole traders, but it’s versatile enough to support individuals just as well. Using the free-to-download Solo Expenses app, expense management will be one less obstacle on the road to success.

Erik Brynjolfsson: The Key to growth? Race with the machines.
Erik is hopeful about the future of innovation and its combination with technology. He acknowledges that “The New Machine Age” will eventually replace jobs done by even the most skilled individuals. However, the future should not be a race against machines, but development that combines technology and people to assist in the creation of new ideas. This talk will embolden you to embrace the technological innovations that will improve how we do business.

Tom Wujec: Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast.
This video can show you how to break down complex tasks. Identify the key elements or “nodes” and the processes that link them. Then bring them back together again “Clear, engaged and aligned.” Tom Wujec achieves this by asking you to draw the process of making toast.

Using the outcome of this simple task Tom can change how businesses visualise their goals, strategies and aspirations. He explains how teams can create a collaboration of ideas and map a collective outcome for their business. So if you need to visualise where your business is heading this TED talk is for you. Maybe one way you can improve a process in your business is streamlining your expense manager skills?

Eddie Obeng: Smart failure for a fast-changing world.
“The pace of change is overtaking the pace of learning.” This fast-paced and inspiring talk encourages those who chase innovation. It also advises those who are making all sensible and rational decisions to stop, think and reconsider if their choices are keeping up with the pace in which we live and do business.

Knut Haanaes: Two reasons companies’ fail – and how to avoid them.
Knut outlines why companies fail by solely relying on one of two methods. Exploitation, where we’re “talking the knowledge we have and making good better”. Or Exploration, “coming up with what’s new…changing our frontiers.” Each concept has merit, but individually both are unsustainable. This TED Talk tells us how companies become “less innovative as they become more competent.” Knut illustrates the benefits of combining two ideas to see real progress, instead of falling into what he calls the “trap of success.” As Bill Gates said “success seduces us into thinking we cannot fail.”

This talk can also apply to sole traders. Expenses may be manageable, however as a business grows, innovative ideas, like a money management app can keep you ahead of the next crisis and prepare you for budgeting for future expenditures.

Knut leaves us with a question “when did [you] explore something last, and what effect did it have on [you].”

Tim Urban – Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
Tim Urban highlights the frustrations with common procrastination habits. However, this light-hearted talk will leave you with the realisation that procrastination can be more than putting off an upcoming deadline. People around the world have contacted him, expressing that procrastination has stopped them achieving many life goals. If you are a serial procrastinator (like me) this video is for you. Plus if you are avoiding doing the expenses maybe an expense management app may be the very tool for you.
TED Talks can offer you help, advice and inspiration on thousands of subjects. You may require some smart financial advice, perhaps the inspiration to overcome the next obstacle, or even how to choose the best money management app.

Picture: Bret Hartman/TED