Online expense management: The chocolate box of business solutions

Those who plunge straight into a box of chocolates and snaffle the coffee-flavoured one without reading the ‘menu’ are the same as those who don’t fully explore the options of cloud based expense management – happy enough, but blind to what they might be enjoying. Here’s why….

C’mon, admit it. You’re one of those people who never looks at the chocolate box menu until you’ve eaten your favourites, aren’t you? And that’s a shame, because chocolates, like smartphone apps, have moved on a long way very quickly over the last couple of years. What you thought you might find inside back then was probably what awaited discovery, but nowadays although all the old stuff is there, there’s a lot more besides.

And we’d hesitate to say it, but there might be a tad of truth in the old song lyric: ‘Fools Rush In’…

So if that’s you (and there’s no need to admit it to anyone else just now), take a deep breath and have a look at these seven smart features of the Solo Expenses online expense management system that have the power to make your business more efficient and your private finances more controlled.

1. Mobile receipt-capture technology: Expense management is only effective if you’re diligent about information capture. Using Solo Expenses gives you the flexibility to get data into the system a number of ways, taking only It can be keyed in; you could photograph the receipt, or (depending on which package you use), you could dictate a voice memo. All of that means that no matter where you are, or whatever the time of day.

2. Direct expense report build technology: The data you’ve put into the system is yours to command whenever you want, which means you can fill the ‘dead’ time on business trips, for example, so it won’t feel as though it’s being wasted. You can share the data with others, have claims approved, and keep the accountants in the loop no matter where you are.

3. Mobile report creation: How much have you spent on entertaining customers on this trip? In the ‘old days’ you’d have had to reach for a pile of receipts and a calculator to find the answer to that one; with Solo Expenses you can become a ninja expense manager, because the total can be there at your fingertips, with just a few swipes of the thumb and taps on the phone’s screen.

4. Multi-language, multi-currency capabilities: Solo Expenses has users in 92 countries, all of whom are pleased to use it because it speaks their language. Our expense tracking software is as comfortable working in dollars (American or any other kind) rupees, pounds and euros – or any other currency for that matter. Just tell it which one you want to use, and Solo Expenses will be happy with your choice.

5. Credit card compliant: This is a great feature to prevent personal and company money getting mixed up. Use a company credit card linked to Solo Expenses, and spending will automatically be recorded under the right heading. Our system fits most major credit cards, and can be set up to make the payments centrally, so there’s no need for the claimant to get involved in the process.

6. Integrated travel booking technology: Business travel is a fact of life for companies these days, and getting the right people in the right place at the right time can be a nightmare – but using Solo Expenses means there’s no reason why recording the expense of the booking has to be. Our travel module manages all requests for travel and provides a secure interface to authorised travel agents. Claimants can request pre-approval of expenditure within the system, and managers can sign off spend before it occurs, all within one system. Travel agents are allocated to each individual expense category, such as hotels, flights, car hire etc. and these agents are automatically selected when expense items are entered. Claimants’ requests are routed to the appropriate travel agent and the booking is made.

7. Monitor mileage on the go: With our most powerful expense management system, the one that best suits clients with thousands of employees, we have a mileage validation option that asks for start and finish points, before calculating distances between addresses and displaying them in the claim form in real time. Multiple legs or way points can be rapidly entered, together with passenger miles, to provide correct mileage and rate calculation for each leg.

With all of these features available in just one place, it’s easy to see why our expense management software is called Solo Expenses – it’s the only one you need.

Picture: Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime