Ollie shows his dad the value of Solo Expenses

It takes Ollie Banks less than 10 minutes to convert his dad Ron into an expert expense manager using Solo Expenses. After his short lesson, Ron is surprised not only by how easy it is to use something he thought he’d never need, but also how much fun it can be too. Meanwhile, Ollie’s mum Lorna has another idea…

“Take a picture, Grandad,” urged five-year-old Alice, who was wearing around her mouth a reasonable proportion of the strawberry ice cream Ron had bought her.

She slipped into her favourite smile pose and waited for him to open the camera on the phone he’d received as a hand-me-down from his son Ollie, who’d just upgraded.
“Hang on, hang on,” he said, his thumb hovering over the screen. “There are such a lot of things on here; it does more than make phone calls, you know.”

She knew. She was more familiar with the technology than her grandparent, but waited anyway. Having found the camera Ron took some pictures to print later; his wife Lorna was captivated by the way she could so easily have new images of her grandchildren around the house.

“Wasn’t like this when I was your age,” said Ron. “We would have a fortnight’s holiday with 24 pictures to show at the end of it, unless you count the ones of my fingers and the others that hadn’t come out at all. And we had to wait a week to get them back from the shop. Nowadays everything’s so instant. We’ve only come out for the afternoon, and I bet we’ll have a hundred pictures by the end of it.”

He felt his wife Lorna raise her eyebrows and purse her lips, even though she was behind him. They’d been married long enough for him to sense her moods and her very occasional reproach. He was right. She said: “It’s high time you made best use of what Ollie’s given you. Drag yourself into the computer age.”

Ron knew a challenge when he heard one, and turned the phone to his son. “OK son,” he said. “Teach me.”

Ollie’s wife Lizzie leaned over to her mother-in-law and whispered: “I bet he picks Solo Expenses to show him first.” Lorna smiled. “That’ll appeal to him,” Lorna whispered back. “He’s always playing about with money and telling me not buy another handbag.”

The expense manager app even granddads can understand
As predicted, Ollie clicked on the Solo Expenses money management app on his old phone. “Let’s start with this….”

“Told you,” said Lizzie. “Ollie swears by Solo Expenses for keeping an eye on our household budget. And if I’m honest, it’s helped us to understand our spending, and to make better use of the money we have. It was really designed for sole traders to look after their expense management – it was the first of the money management apps created especially for that – but it works just as well for keeping track of personal money as well. And there’s no need to bother about all those messy paper till receipts that seem to clog up every handbag.

“I’m going to make sure I use it for my new blogging business venture. I told Ollie about that when he was half asleep, and he wasn’t keen, what with us having Jack only a few weeks old, but when I started talking about money management using Solo Expenses, well, he was putty in my hands.”

They broke off their conversation; Lorna to wipe ice cream from her granddaughter’s face and take her for a go on the swings; Lizzie to lift new-born Jack from his pram and bounce him up and down on her knee to see if she could make him smile.

Solo Expenses Personal UseIt wasn’t long before Ron had heard enough about the apps on his ‘new’ phone. He was interested in only one, and with the zeal of a convert explained to Lorna how it worked. “Look, I can use the keypad to tap in expenses, and put them in their own folders, and keep a track of what we’ve spent. I’ve already started to do it for today, so we can see what the day out has cost. Look; there’s the car parking fee, and our coffee and your cake, and Alice’s ice cream. Did you keep the petrol receipt from when I filled up this morning? I can photograph that to keep track of how much we spend on petrol. It always seems a lot when the bank statement comes through – with Solo Expenses I’ll know before the bank tells us. How fantastic is that? And it’s free to download. That’s good value these days, having something for nothing, especially when it can save us money. Aren’t smartphones magic? Just think what we could have done with an app like Solo Expenses when we were Ollie and Lizzie’s age!”

“Well, I could have had some more handbags, for a start,” said Lorna. “In fact, if you’re going to be so enthusiastic about Solo Expenses, I’ll probably do that anyway because you won’t even notice me spending that sort of money, considering what you’ll save, Mr Moneybags.”

“No,” said Alice. “You can never have too many handbags, Grandad.”

“That’s my girl,” said Lorna.