Now you’re talking my language – ExpenseOnDemand goes multi-lingual

A good accountant can look at the numbers in any company’s finances and read a story there – but it’s not a language we all understand. That’s why the latest feature introduced by ExpenseOnDemand makes it even more effective around the world.

In arguably the most significant development since we launched our cloud based expense management app more than a decade ago, we’ve made it even more user-friendly by introducing multiple language versions.

Alongside the original English we now have versions in Bengali, Dutch and Hindi – and they’re just the start, because we intend to introduce many more languages to make our expense management system of even greater value.

Already used in more than 90 countries worldwide, our cloud-based expense management software is helping companies of all sizes to manage their expenses, and therefore their time, much more effectively.

The advantage of any kind of cloud-based software (and an expense management system is no different) is also one of its disadvantages – it is available wherever there is a WiFi signal. This ‘universal availability’ is a fantastic asset, but over-rides the differences of language and culture. It’s exactly that problem we have sought to overcome with our multi-lingual approach. After all, software of every kind can’t perform to it most effective level if the user can’t read what’s on the screen.

By introducing alternative language versions we are certain we have opened up the benefit of cloud based expense management to a whole new swathe of customers who wouldn’t have used our software before.

Manage expenses in multiple currencies
It’s a perfect development – we already have the facility for our software to work in multiple currencies, jumping effortlessly from one to another at the flick of a thumb over a smartphone screen, and able to covert values in one of them into another, taking into account the latest exchange rates.

In their own language, new customers can now log every expense through their keypads, with photographs, or with voice memos, and allocate them to the categories that come pre-loaded in the software – or create their own.

That offers the further advantage that spending can be categorised in the areas that suit the users; perhaps to a particular project, or cost number, for example, streamlining the expense management process further down the line.

Continuous improvement comes as standard
ExpenseOnDemand was the first cloud expense management app designed with the sole trader in mind. We launched it onto the market in 2003 – it seems such a long time ago! But the product we now offer is far more sophisticated than it was in those early days.

As well as multiple currencies and multiple languages, we have three distinct packages to suit every business, from the micro-business to the multinational, with the features fine-tuned to suit each one.

At the corporate level – we call it our Enterprise package – we offer a range of functions comparable to a sumptuous buffet. There, you simply pick the items you want to eat. Our enterprise package allows creation of the perfect cloud expense management package to suit your business. The SME packages are already set up to suit smaller firms. Compare the features, and sign up for a 14-day free trial, here.

At that link you’ll also see how flexible our pricing is too, geared up for monthly payments based on the number of users, so not only is there no large up-front capital outlay, there are no long-term contracts to tie you down.

That doesn’t mean people don’t stay with us for a long time, because they do – they stay with us because of the effectiveness of our software that lifts the burden of expense management, allowing them to get on with activities that add value. And after all, isn’t that why we’re all in business in the first place?