New ‘Smart Scan’ function builds extra efficiency into business expense tracker app

Efficiency levels offered by the ExpenseOnDemand business expense tracker app have increased with the introduction of a new feature called ‘Smart Scan’. Find out how it works here…

A business expense tracker app that has been evolving to meet changing business needs since its inception in 2003 is taking expense management to a whole new level with the introduction of a new feature called Smart Scan.

It’s a ‘scan and read’ function which removes almost the last traces of human involvement from recording an expense.

ExpenseOnDemand has been making use of the smartphone’s camera to photograph receipts for a long time – but now the captured picture is read by the expense management app to capture the name of the supplier, the date of transaction, and the amount spent.

It will then use the data to create a record to be incorporated into any subsequent expenses claim.

“This development is another step down the evolutionary road of our product,” says ExpenseOnDemand co-creator Sunita Nigam. “When we created this expense management app we did so by putting ourselves in the position of the businessman or businesswoman. We knew that they were under considerable time pressure, and that’s what was needed was innovation to provide ways of easing some of that pressure with no loss of effective management of the business.

“Every development we have introduced has had that objective in mind. Managing expenses effectively makes a contribution to the bottom line firstly by reducing the time spent on admin, which is available to do profitable business, and secondly by enhancing accuracy to a process that otherwise has the potential to fall victim to error and fraud.”

She said ‘Smart Scan’ gave users the power to dispense with keying in information. “Every time there is human involvement with any kind of system, there is the potential for error. But taking that out of the process, and letting the software do the work, the potential for error is eliminated.

“We’ve never stopped seeing our product through the eyes of the most important people – our customers. It’s that outlook which has seen it grown to a global presence, used by business people on almost 100 countries; anywhere where there is a WiFi signal. It transcends international borders by working in any currency, and converting it to any other at the flick of a thumb.

“Being a success in business requires hard work and commitment, and we believe that Smart Scan is another mark of our commitment to customers,” she added.

Picture: Diego Vito Cervo | Dreamstrime