Money talks: and ExpenseOnDemand speaks its language

In 98 countries around the world satisfied customers rely on ExpenseOnDemand as their small business expense management software of choice. Their businesses are very different; their need for accurate and easy expense control is identical. Here we look at what separates – and unites – them.

Nikki Jackson, Jack Rolls, and Fatima Aziz are businesspeople linked by having lots to do, little time to do it in, the need for accuracy in everything they’re doing, and their reliance on ExpenseOnDemand.

That makes them no different from thousands of small business owners anywhere else in the world. Together they’re the powerhouse that sustains national economies.

But Nikki, Jack, and Fatima are unlikely ever to meet. Nikki is a charity worker in the UK, Jack owns a restaurant in California, and Fatima has an ethical food business in the UAE.

Their days are all similar; juggling staff, clients, suppliers, and the finance that keeps the whole thing enterprise lubricated as the clock tick relentlessly onwards.

No doubt, if you’re the owner of an SME, you can recognise the pressures they face, and understand how their days unfold. Why wouldn’t you be able to? Yours are very much the same as theirs.

Old school?
But at that point, if you’re not a user of expense management software, the comparison starts to fall apart. As an old-school expense management recorder, part of your day will be spend hunting down missing receipts, or wheedling out errors lurking in spreadsheets, or dealing with paper forms, or all of the above. None of them add anything to the enterprise, unless you count an increase in your blood pressure or the time you spend in the office.

Nikki, Jack, and Fatima, on the other hand, have more time available for doing things that add value, like caring for clients, planning ahead, and wasting less time and money. They look a little less careworn, and when they get home at the end of the day, they’re able to do more than fall asleep on the sofa.

That they are able to operate in this way, as far as their expense management software is concerned, is because they manage business expenses the ExpenseOnDemand way. The features offered by our small business expense management software are listed on our web site. What you won’t find in such detail are the ‘softer’ benefits, but this is their view of satisfied clients:

Nikki Jackson:
“We have an accountant who used to manage our books via spreadsheets. Receipts got lost in the process and never got paid our expenses on time. Using the ExpenseOnDemand online tool the whole process of managing expenses has become efficient. For the claimants, there’s nothing really much to do and we can upload receipts etc. from anywhere – even while in a train, on our way to a meeting etc. Our team love it. We have referred many of our customers and business partners to use the app, not just for the commission but for the time and money-saving element.”

Fatima Aziz:
“This clever little app is a godsend! For those of you who are all too familiar with the pain of having to diligently store receipts, this app eases the pain of having to log business expenses. I love the ease of navigation and user-friendly menus. It’s very useful functionality to take photos of receipts with the camera for back-up/accounting trail. I thoroughly recommend it.”

Jack Rolls:
“Approval in the app is brilliant. I can see easily who has submitted their expenses for me to update. I can now approve expenses anywhere, anytime – even tried it on holiday and it was great. Anyone wanting to be an efficient manager should be on ExpenseOnDemand!”