Minnie makes the maximum impact as Villa fail at the Final hurdle

The story so far: Suffering constant feelings of nausea because of her pregnancy, Lizzie has taken four-year-old daughter Alice to visit Grandad whilst Grandma cooks a football feast for husband Ollie and his friends, who are watching the FA Cup final on TV. The match doesn’t end well for Ollie, but Lizzie knows how to cheer him up.

Aston-Villa-flag-2-300x167Lizzie didn’t know much about football, but she knew enough to expect that Arsenal would trounce Aston Villa in the FA Cup Final. And that, when it happened, her husband Ollie, who’d been a Villa fan since his schooldays, would be desolate.
She was proved right. Whilst Ollie and three mates grew ever-more disconsolate watching their beloved team concede four goals without reply on Wembley’s hallowed turf, she had watched four-year-old daughter Alice ‘helping’ Grandad in his garden. Grandma had held the catering fort and fed the football fans with her special spicy chilli and cans of lager.
Grandma was washing up when Lizzie got home. Ollie’s mates had gone, and he was slumped in front of the TV, glumly watching the game’s highlights.

There was a blob of chilli on the carpet. She decided she would ignore it for now, and hugged him. “Never mind; at least they got to the Final,” she offered.
“Yes, but four-nil. FOUR-nil,” he said, shaking his head. “It wasn’t as if it was a narrow defeat, or even decided on penalties…”

More important things to worry about
Thinking ‘If you’re as sick as a parrot, then you know how I feel’, she said instead: “I should put it behind you,” managing to bite back the words ‘it’s only a game’; it was more than that for Ollie. “You’ve got more important things to worry about at the moment – starting with our holiday!”
The next moment hadn’t been planned, and could hardly have been better if it had. Alice skipped through from the kitchen, where she’d been showing off a new outfit to Grandma, who came in behind her, drying her hands.

blog-011solo-expense68EDDD-300x251The fair-haired four-year-old was wearing a red dress covered with white dots and topped with a headband with faux mouse ears and a red and white bow. “I’m Minnie Mouse!” she shouted, unnecessarily.
“So you are,” said her dad, scooping the child off het feet and into his arms. Ollie laughed, and Lizzie knew Alice had helped him to put the Cup Final defeat behind him already.
“Will you watch Frozen with me, Daddy?,” Alice wanted to know. Lizzie answered for him as Alice wriggled to the floor and went for the DVD. “That’ll be a treat for you,” she said, “and if you clean that blob of chilli off the carpet, I’ll tell you about an extra treat. You won’t have to put the Minnie Mouse outfit in the Florida file on Solo Expenses; Grandad bought it for us.”

Solo Expenses is on the holiday case
Ollie smiled. “No, but I’ve amended our travel insurance and put that figure in. The airline aren’t bothered that you’re pregnant, because it’s so early, but the American Border Control people can turn us away if we don’t have enough cover. And you’ll be tired enough with all the travelling. We don’t want to tempt fate. Who knows what might happen when we’re in Florida?”
“I do,” said Alice. “I’m going to see Mickey. How many sleeps is it now?”