How to measure your business in a way that suits you

Well, that’s one way to measure your sandwich. But what are you measuring? And is your measurement telling you everything you need to know about lunch? Almost certainly not. And that’s why our ‘app of the month’ column this month is not about any app in particular. Confused? Don’t be, all will become clear…

Regular readers of ExpenseOnDemand blogs will know we’re very keen on the concept that measuring everything, and acting on the resulting numbers, makes for better business.

That assumes, quite naturally, that you have the right tools to get accurate numbers (and they are the only sort that count).

Our insistence that everything can be monitored if you try hard enough is easy for us to say, but not always quite so easy to do. And that’s why we’re keen on the results you could achieve by working with Zoho Creator, which is not an app, but an online app creation tool.

As the company’s web site points out, no two businesses work in the same way, which is what, they say, makes a customised solution perfect for sustaining the unique process that’s inside your business.

Hear hear, we say! That’s why the ExpenseOnDemand money management software comes in a series of guises so there’s one that’s right for every kind of business.

But our app is purely about expense management. Zoho comes at the issue from another angle completely: making an app to measure what’s important to your business.

As simple as ExpenseOnDemand
Just as ExpenseOnDemand is easy to start using with a few clicks, so Zoho Creator removes the mystique that might be associated with app development. The software uses a drag-and-drop interface, so the skills of a programmer aren’t required. The apps that can be created can be mobile based, so, just like ExpenseOnDemand, they can be used on the go.

The benefits of that are obvious:  Complex business processes can be automated; you can collaborate with colleagues in real time; integrate the app with other cloud-based services, and access the data anywhere (so long as you have WiFi access, of course).

The phrase we liked best about Zoho was something close to our hearts, and something we champion. It’s this: ‘turn data into meaningful information’. Analysing data with the right reporting tools has the potential to offer business insights you might not discover in any other way.

Benefits go on and on
Zoho’s benefits go on and on. Accessing data wherever you are; getting more from your smartphone; working away for your desk; and faster access to the information that matters most. And the more we read about them, the more those objectives are ours, and what we aspire to provide for you in the world of expense management.

The Zoho pricing model is very similar to ours, with a range of options to suit businesses of different sizes with different needs. There’s even a link from which you can download their product to an iPhone or Android device. For ExpenseOnDemand, looking at Zoho is like looking in a mirror…