Lizzie faces up to a new online challenge

If a picture paints a thousand words, why hasn’t Lizzie Banks become a regular vlogger, husband Ollie wants to know. She hasn’t got an answer, and wonders if he’s got a point (though she’s reluctant to admit it…)

“Have you got a cold?,” Lizzie wanted to know.

“Cold? What cold?” Ollie had no idea what would make his wife ask a question like that out of the blue. In fact, having just been for a run around the block that frosty morning, his skin was tingling and he was feeling particularly alive and invigorated.

“Well, you sounded as if you had a cold. When you said ‘blogging’ just now it sounded really odd,” she explained.

Light dawned. “Ah, that’s because I didn’t say blogging, I said vlogging. Different thing altogether,” he explained, doing his warming down exercises and leaving dirty footprints on the kitchen floor.

Somehow Lizzie managed to frown and raise an eyebrow simultaneously in question. “What’s vlogging?,” she wanted to know.

“You mean you don’t know? You’re uploading blogs to your site Lizzie Banks On It, and you don’t know what vlogging is? You cannot be serious!”

“Never mind the McEnroe impressions, Banks, and don’t come the smart alec. It was a genuine question.”

The world in pictures
Reaching for a teabag and putting on the kettle, Ollie said: “It’s producing blogs that aren’t written, but are videos. Post them on the web, and eventually you can get paid for it, if you’re good enough at it, and have enough of the right things to say that people want to hear about. I thought you’d knew – after all, you did that video with Ron and Alice baking the other week. I just thought it might be a way of getting stuff online in a different way, and perhaps was easier and less time-consuming than the writing. It would be just like chatting to someone. After all, everyday life is in pictures…” He stirred his tea and dropped the used bag into the kitchen bin.

“OK, so how would I do that,?” Lizzie wanted to know.

“Oh, that’s up to you. I just think of these ideas; it’s up to you to make them work.”

“Well thanks for nothing,” she said, subconsciously wiping up the ring of tea his mug had left on the worktop.

“Don’t be like that,” he said, blowing over the surface of the tea too violently, and adding some to the trail of footprints he’d left behind him. “Tell you what; I’ll go and have a quick shower and get changed while you mop the floor, and then we’ll look into it together on the internet.”

Lizzie has a better idea
Lizzie did the frown-and-eyebrow thing again. “In your dreams. I’ve got a much better idea. You mop up your own mess and go for a shower, and THEN we’ll look at it together on the Internet.”

Later, after Ollie had mopped the floor, showered, made more tea, and they’d investigated vlogging on the Internet, Lizzie was partly convinced. She understood the mechanics of what was required, but was less confident about her own abilities to deliver it.

“Nonsense,” said Ollie. “You’re already finding lots of worthwhile things to say in your writing; vlogging is just a way of saying the same things without writing them down. You’re a brave and creative woman with something to say that people can listen to, identify with, and take good things from for their own lives. What makes you think you wouldn’t be able to do it? And anyway, how do you know you can’t until you try?”

Lizzie still wasn’t sure, but drew strength from Ollie’s positive stance. “OK, I’ll give it a try. As you say, that’s the only way I’ll find out how it feels – and what I sound like!”

Ollie laughed. “You’ll sound odd, but only to you. To the rest of us you’ll sound just the same as your normal lovable self. Try saying ‘Would you like me to fetch you one of those shortbread biscuits left over from Christmas’. If you said that, I’d probably say ‘Yes please’.”

Lizzie hit him over the head with a cushion, but she went to fetch the biscuits anyway…