Key dates you can’t afford to miss in 2019

The new year is just around the corner and will bring with it momentous changes. Here are some of the ones to watch out for (in no particular order…), and why you should watch out for them.

March 29th

At the risk of being pelted with bread buns and rotten fruit, we’ll say it anyway. Brexit. There. We’ve said it. It’s been a long and tortuous road since the referendum in June 2016, but that date is set in stone as the day the UK leaves the EU. At least, it was when this was written. The date will not be the end, but it might be the end of the beginning. We might be faced with a different kind of hand-wringing from the Remain camp – or the Leavers, for that matter, for we seem to be trundling towards a ‘solution’ that neither side wanted. Anyway, expect to see lots of media stories masquerading as news when they’re really developments seen through the prism of someone’s opinion. Oh, and there will be words and pictures about the first UK baby born as a non-EU citizen for half a century.

Your company’s financial year end
Whenever it is. With so much happening to your business that’s out of your control, the best thing you can do throughout the year is to manage your company’s ‘personal’ economy. Take care to make it as cash rich as possible, in the light of any fallout from the previous date, and consider making yourself a little more risk averse than you might otherwise have been.

February 1st-8th
This is National Apprenticeship Week, which will no doubt be used as a vehicle to promote the UK Government’s desire to get more people into technical and vocational education. That’s important, according to Education Secretary Damian Hinds, who says the country has a ‘snobby’ attitude towards it. He has said that too many parents saw vocational educational as being ‘OPC’ – or for other people’s children.

June 5th
Hands up if you knew this was World Environment Day? Not a new thing, but an initiative set up by the United Nations to stimulate worldwide awareness of environmental issues, and to encourage political action to protect the planet. No individuals can make a measurable difference to the environment, but everyone can do something. Travel a little less. Create or protect wildlife habitat. Dispose of packaging carefully. Every journey starts with a small step; your first one could be today. And on June 8th it’s World Oceans Day, intended to be a global celebration of the planet’s marine habitat.

June 14th
This is world Blood Day, commemorating the birth of Karl Landsteiner. Who? The man who discovered the ABO blood group system, that’s who. Once given, blood doesn’t last for ever. New supplies are needed regularly. Donors already know the value of it. Perhaps this is a good day for readers who have never given blood to decide to be a donor too.

September 21st
International Day of Peace. God knows, we need it. On this day the General Assembly of the United Nations calls for a global day of cease fire; a day when peace can break out, with nations, factions, and individuals putting aside their difference.

October 13th
World Sight Day. This is a moveable date, but is always the second Thursday in October. It’s just one day in the year, but ExpenseOnDemand is acutely aware of the problem of blindness, and provides year-round support to those suffering the life-limiting condition through its Giving Back initiative.

November 21st
This is something everyone can do. It’s World Hello Day, and all you need to do to take part of to say ‘hello’ to ten people. What could be simpler. You could even throw in a smile, too.

And finally…
You’ll notice that none of these dates have anything to do with religion. That’s quite deliberate, because we believe in tolerance; in allowing everyone to worship their own god, and letting everyone else get on worshipping theirs.

Have a wonderful 2019, everyone..

Picture: Katie Nesling | Dreastime