How to keep your New Year’s resolutions

It’s a brand new year, so that means a brand new you – doesn’t it? Most New Year’s resolutions usually involve one of two things: a pledge to be healthier or a promise to spend less money. Which isn’t surprising, seeing as more food is eaten and more money is spent during the festive season than at any other time of the year.

Clean eating, new exercise routines and cutting back on the luxuries – the New Year always starts with the best intentions. But how sustainable are these goals with nothing but willpower and the ideal of a new you to keep you going?

The App Store dedicates whole categories to apps that intend to get you into shape and make you healthier. But, it’s too easy to waste time scrolling through the hundreds of apps available to find the perfect one for you. All you need is a tool that can show you how to do a basic workout, tell you what foods are good for you and keep you motivated to carry on exercising.

Luckily, we’ve done the leg work for you. With a rating of 4.6/5 in the App Store and 2000+ reviews, the 8Fit app looks like a winner. Launched in 2014 this Berlin-based start-up is reinventing the fitness app with a combination of nutritional plans and a variety of different workouts.

Achievable goals
Making dramatic, over-ambitious changes to your lifestyle is not the way to go. Setting yourself achievable goals from an informed starting point will set you on the right path, and you’ll be far more likely to stick at it and reach your target. Don’t be put off if you are unsure where to begin, because 8Fit supports you from the very start. By choosing a desired outcome and completing a short fitness test you’ll be presented with your own custom workout plan and meal planner.

Personalised workouts
After a long winter’s hibernation it can take a monumental effort to summon the energy to go to the gym, and more often than not it’s at capacity this time of year. This is why 8Fit has tailored at home workouts, that require little or no additional equipment. Allowing you to create a bespoke regime which include a variety of different exercises to help you achieve your goals. For example, interactive videos programmes that will ensure you get the most out of your exercise plans.

Nutrition information
Not many fitness apps stress the importance of eating correctly to achieving your fitness goals. In reality, what you eat is just as important as exercise. This is where 8fit differs from the rest, taking you right from purchasing the best foods with personalised shopping lists, up to meal plans and healthy recipes. This will include advice on which foods are best for weight loss or muscle gain, and which foods to avoid.

Now, all good things come at a price, and to make the most of 8Fit’s recipes and nutrition plans you will be required to subscribe to the paid option – starting at £22.99 and reaching up to £54.99 for the complete nutrition-based fitness plan. There is a 30-day free trial for the pro version, but like any free trial make sure you cancel your subscription before it runs out, or you will be charged.

If money management is the theme of this year’s resolution (and it might need to be if you want to invest in other apps), and getting on top of your expenses is at the top of the list, then look no further than ExpenseOnDemand. Built with the business owner in mind, this smart expense tracker app can take care of all expense management requirements.

To give you total price of mind, you will be able to see exactly where your money is going with ExpenseOnDemand. It’s business expense software collates and displays a clear breakdown of all your expenditures.

Instantly track your business miles and see them converted into a format ready to be approved or claimed with this expense tracker app. Filing receipts will be a thing of the past with ExpenseOnDemand receipt capture capabilities. Cloud based expense software stores all your receipts ready to be exported later.

This month’s apps are for those willing to make the effort and shake off the grogginess of winter. No need for ‘the diet starts now’, or ‘new year new you’, just apps that can tell you what routine works for you, how to do it right and goes at your pace. With apps like these you’ll be one step closer to achieving those New Year’s resolutions.