We keep on giving because the need never goes away…

Through its Giving Back initiative ExpenseOnDemand is giving back to society, and helping its customers to be change makers. It’s happening close to home, with the work of one of the supported organisations – the Alzheimer’s Society – who suggest building a ‘life book’ to stimulate conversation in the fight against the condition. Take a look at our picture; all of these children from the 1930s will have had interesting stories in their lives…

Grandad Ron looked up from his laptop and dabbed a tear from his eye with the sleeve of his pullover. Lorna saw him do it, and asked: “Whatever’s the matter?”

“Twitter,” said Ron. “There’s a post here from a woman who’s just been to visit her mother, who’s in residential care and suffering from Alzheimer’s. I’ll read it to you. She says…” he paused, and wiped away another tear. “She says: ‘Saw mum today. She told me she didn’t know who I was, but she knew she loved me.’ Isn’t that just about the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? I hope neither of us ever gets to that stage, and I don’t know who I feel the sorriest for, the woman or her daughter.”

Lorna agreed. “It must be awful,” she said. “And frightening for the sufferer. But medical science moves on, and it’s possible that one day there will be an effective way to prevent the condition or even reverse it completely.”

Brightening, Ron agreed. “Yes. That’s why the ExpenseOnDemand Giving Back initiative is so important, giving regular sums from company profits to the Alzheimer’s Society to help with research. I was reading about it the other day. The Society inverts about £10m into dementia research, looking into all sorts of aspects of the condition.

“At the risk of mansplaining…”

“You haven’t done that for nearly an hour; I thought you were going for a record…”

Dementia in different forms
“At the risk of mansplaining, dementia comes in a number of forms, and can affect all sorts of aspects of a person’s life. There’s support and treatment that can help with symptoms and managing daily life. With their help, people with dementia can lead active and purposeful lives, still doing things that matter to them.”

“Because ExpenseOnDemand supports it, that means that all of their customers have become change makers, giving back to society to help fight something they could eventually suffer from themselves.”

Conversations can help
Lorna nodded. “Odd to think that by talking about it, we might well be doing something to help prevent us from becoming sufferers,” she said. “Sharing memories with people is a good thing to do. Tell you what, let’s get the old photographs out of the loft, and have a look through them. It would be good for the family to know who’s in them, and what they’re doing. It would be good for us to talk about them, and good for the children and grandchildren to know more about their ancestors. While we’re doing that ExpenseOnDemand can keep funding the research leading to the next breakthrough.”

“Crikey,” said Ron. “I never thought I’d become someone’s ancestor. I suppose you’ll want me to go up into the loft and get the pictures out? No time like the present, is there?