Identifying best android and iPhone based personal finance / budgeting app for personal use

How do you pick the best budgeting app from the list that appears on the screen when you get Google to help you search for Personal Finance apps 2016? There are certainly a lot of options, and to help you filter out the best we’ve put together our thoughts to guide you through the ‘keyboard jungle’.

It’s all about you – or it ought to be. When it comes to picking a personal finance app, the clue is on the name: ‘personal’. That’s why at Solo Expenses we believe you should start looking for the best app for you without going anywhere near a computer.

It’s like buying a pair of shoes. You’ll know where you want to wear them, and what colour they ought to be, so you’ve defined some of your search parameters before you even start shopping.

Picking the best budgeting app for iPhone is no different. (Well, OK, it’s a little different, in that the colour will be less of a consideration). Here are the things you need to think about:

Price: To start with, if you’re managing money, we’d guess that, no matter how much money you have you’ve decided that you want more control over it, and possibly to spend less of it. That makes price a key factor when selecting the best budgeting app for android as much as it is if your preferred option is for a budgeting app for iPhone. Essentially, the platform you’re using doesn’t matter. Pick one that’s free. (There, you’re becoming a better expense manager already)

Experience: Look for experience. Managing personal finance through a personal finance app is not just about totting up numbers; it’s about managing them too, and collating the story they tell in an easy-to-read manner. That means you should look for an app that’s been around for a while. That means it will be but free and work well, so long as you’re diligent in recording your spending. Solo Expenses has been around since 2003, giving it near ‘elder statesman’ status as best personal finance app android. What’s more, it was the first app of its kind created with the sole trader in mind, so one of its strengths lies in being software that understands the needs of individuals.

Scalability: Whilst you’re looking for a personal finance app, there may be a time when you decide you need an app for another organisation; a business, charity, or club, perhaps. In that circumstance, you should look for an app that comes in a variety of forms, so that it can grow with you without changing the way it works, so you don’t have to learn about more than one kind of software. Solo Expenses comes in four ‘sizes’; the free-to-download ‘personal use’ version perfect for individuals, up to ‘enterprise’ geared for organisation with thousands of users.

Third party approval: What do others think? You need to be a bit careful here. For example, if you ask anyone what phone they think is the best on the market, they’ll probably tell you it’s the one they have, so their advice is skewed. However, don’t turn away from the thought of third party endorsement. Look not at individuals, but at the numbers of them using the app you’re thinking of selecting. Solo Expenses is relied on by people in 92 countries, putting it up there as serious contender for being the best personal finance app in the world. (For the record, there are 196 countries in the world, if you include Taiwan, which not all nations do).

Flexibility: And that global spread leads us to another thing to think about when choosing your personal finance app. What currencies is your choice comfortable with? Solo Expenses works in multiple currencies, and is just as comfortable with any of them.  Remember, if your chosen app can switch seamlessly into the currency of a country you’re visiting, it suddenly become useless – right at the time when you might reasonably need to rely on it the most.

And finally, the name: Personal finance app? We started by saying the clue was in the name with that word ‘personal’. If it’s a personal finance app you’re looking for, maybe there’s another clue in our name: Solo Expenses. We understand individuals, and we understand their needs. We understand yours too. Go Solo.