How’s this for a deal: 100% off – for ever!

Don’t click off this blog! Reading it could save your business money for ever, because we’ve decided to offer some of our services completely free of charge. No need to throw up your hands in disbelief; it’s true. Read on to find out why…

Ever since ExpenseOnDemand was founded we’ve been keen on philanthropy. We believe we have a duty to help others, and that’s why we have a Giving Back initiative to show our commitment to good causes who deserve a little help.

But now we’re extending that support to small businesses, the backbone of economies around the world.

How we’re doing it…

Our product is a toolkit of business expense management software, made up of a number of elements which together make a smorgasbord of financial control. We have taken the unprecedented step of offering the basic tools completely free for as long as you want to use them. That means you can start to control your business spending with greater ease and accuracy, and at lower cost, than ever before.

Open up our expense management dashboard here, and you’ll see how you can build a package of tools that suit you. But crucially, you’ll see at once that some of them are yours to use with no financial outlay. They’ll stay that way indefinitely.

When you’ve become comfortable with those, and seen how effective they can be, you’re free to come back for a further helping by signing up for more of the elements, which can be yours on a rolling contract basis for a small fee. No matter how many you take up, the basic elements will still be available at no charge.

Once you’ve registered, our basic setup will make you the approver, and you can add as many people as you like, all with no charge. We’ll keep all your records free for a month, and you’re free to export them to wherever you want to store them (We can store them for you beyond that ‘current’ month, but that’s a service for which we have to charge). We have the facility to export to the major accounting packages like Xero, as well as to Tally, FreshBooks and QuickBooks. Sage will be added. And even more excitingly, we are working to establish links with banks, taking our business expense management software package to a whole new level of simplicity and streamlining – but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Perhaps now’s a good time to ask why we would want to work so hard to develop a product and then give it away. Doesn’t that devalue it in some way?

…and why

We see our free offer as in no way a devaluing of our product. We have satisfied customers in almost 100 countries, who appreciate its value. But the vast majority of our users are in small businesses, and we know life can be tough for them. OK, in that context ‘tough’ is a relative term. They don’t face the difficulties that form part of the daily lives of orphan children in Africa, or victims of sex trafficking, or the blind in India, all of whom we support on a regular basis through our Giving Back initiative.

Although they don’t suffer in the same way as the people being supported by the good causes we are involved with, life can be tough for them too.

Many of the problems are based on finance, or the lack of it, which is a source of great stress, impacting not only on the business but also on the individual and their families. So we feel that to offer our basic service free to them – and you – we are doing our little bit to help all of those SMEs to manage their money more effectively. Who knows what the consequence of that might be? Perhaps it will keep a small shop open in a village, when all the others have gone; perhaps it will make a contribution to keeping a part-timer in work or pay for a child to go to an out of school club.

We have no idea, but in a way, that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we will be helping to support the grass roots businesses that are so important to every national economy; sharing in making better lives for everyone. And at ExpenseOnDemand, we think that makes us all richer than money ever can.