How you can help charity by having more money yourself

If you could have more money and more free time by giving to charity, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Of course you would. But that appears to make no sense, so how can you make it happen? By controlling your finances more effectively with the help of Solo Expenses, that’s how. Here’s how it works…

Could you close your eyes and make a cup of coffee? Possibly. Would you close your eyes and cross the road? Unlikely. Being robbed of your sight adds layers of complexity to everyday tasks, making simple ones difficult, and difficult ones close to impossible.

And yet this is the world in which many people have no choice but to live, because they’re blind. But rather than give up and say ‘I can’t do it’ they learn to adapt, and surmount the difficulties the disability brings.

At Solo Expenses we believe such courage and determination deserve recognition, which is why the proportion of our profits given to worthy causes includes funds for the National Association for the Blind in India. Their work, through the Dhysan Foundation in Dehli, is doing so much, including supporting women to achieve degree-level education. That doesn’t happen without money, but the sums involved are truly eye opening. Who would have thought that the first year’s study for a BA could cost as little as £78 ($123), or that an MA in Political Science could cost less than £200 (about $300)?

The good causes
How you can help charity by having more money yourself-1
The blind ladies in India aren’t the only cause we support. You can read more about the ones we help here, but they include the Worldwide Fund for Nature, an orphanage in Kenya, Alzheimer’s Research in the UK, another eyesight charity and a not-for-profit organisation promoting the Asian film industry.

Of course without clients we don’t have profits, and here’s where your payback comes in. Become a Solo Expenses user (it’s free to download at first, so you can find out how effective it is), and you’ll find its simplicity will save time in managing your business and personal spending, and money – because it will highlight unnecessary and wasteful spending, and show you where savings can be made without harming your lifestyle.

Extra features; unbelievable price

Using the extra features of the Solo Expenses app unlocked by paying just £2.49 a month will make it even more effective, and some of that money will be helping those blind ladies to the kind of education often seen as a right in the west. There’s no error in that price. Just £2.49 a month. Peanuts. In fact, it’s even less than peanuts, because half a kilo of dry roasted will set you back more than that at a leading supermarket. So what are you waiting for? Download the app here, and start your journey to saving money and helping Indian ladies to a degree-level education. Sonu Kumari is the student embarking on the BA course. She’d really appreciate your help…