How to make your mobile data last longer

How to make your mobile data last longer

With more than half of all media consumption happening on mobile devices (comScore), it’s hardly surprising many people fly through their mobile data allowance these days.

Using up your mobile data before the month’s out can be a real headache, especially if it means you get stung with a charge or other penalties from your data provider.

However, there are some easy tricks you can follow that’ll help you stay within your mobile data allowance. Read on for more details.

Always think wi-fi

As obvious as it sounds, if you’re in a place where you have access to wi-fi, such as your home or a free wi-fi hotspot, then make sure you use it. This is a really simple and effective way to stop you from eating into your mobile data allowance, and it’s easy to overlook – especially if you’re near a network that your phone doesn’t connect to automatically.


Turn off background refresh

So, you’ve closed your browser window and turned your screen off – that means your phone’s no longer using data, doesn’t it?


Background refresh is part of what allows any iOS 7 app to constantly update in the background. However, it saps power and data. Turn it off by following these steps, Settings> General> Background App Refresh> Select Off.

Use a third-party browser

Browsers, such as Opera Mobile, feature a clever ‘off road’ mode that compresses data before it’s sent to your phone. This means you’re using considerably less mobile data when you’re browsing the internet.

Disable your push notifications

Push notifications are very small transmissions, but they almost always use a data connection instead of wi-fi so, if you have lots of pushes, it can be a major drain on your mobile data usage.

You can easily turn off these notifications by following these steps:

  • iOS (Apple) – Settings> Notifications>Select the app e.g. Facebook> Switch ‘Allow Notifications’ to off.
  • Android – Apps> Untick the box for each app that says ‘Show Notifications.’

Beware of ‘free’ apps


Everybody loves getting something for free, and apps are no exception. However, a word of caution when it comes to free apps: they can often use more data than the paid-for version, as they generally tend to contain a higher volume of ads. Bear this in mind before you download your next free app.

We hope you’ve found these best practice tips useful. Are there any tricks you use to make your mobile data last longer? Let us know – we’d love to hear them!

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