How – to become a Superhero

Where would we be without thumbs? So many things would be so much harder – like fastening shirt buttons, stirring coffee, or peeling bananas, to name but three at random.

And with free-to-download money-management app Solo Expenses your humble thumb is transformed into Captain Thumbtastic, your ever-present bookkeeping buddy – because just one thumb is all you need to record any kind of expense anywhere, at any time.

Capture every expense in text, as a picture, or a voice recording
A swipe of Captain Thumbtastic over the screen will let you photograph a receipt, type in the details of money you’ve spent, or even dictate a voice recording.
With that information recorded faster than you can say ‘Would you like fries with that?’ when buying a Big Mac*, you’re well on the way to knowing what you spent on a particular, day, job, week or month.

How – to become a Superhero-1Hand on heart, can you do that at the moment? A substantial proportion of all sole traders can’t. They are the ones who find sloppy record-keeping hits them in the bank balance at the end of the year, when lost receipts and forgotten claims mean they make smaller profits, and errors in VAT and personal tax returns could put them in line for a fine. And who looks forward to stuff like that? It will do nothing except make them poorer than they deserve to be. Put it another way, they might have to work at the weekend while you, the one who kept an eye on spending, sits in the garden with a beer or two and a barbie.

Once you’ve captured every scrap of spending, Solo Expenses has the capability to collate reports and organise records, and even, believe it or not send them on to your accountant, if that’s what you’d like to do.

C’mon in, it’s free!
So, whatever kind of business you’re in, why not try Solo Expenses? We’re so confident you’ll love its effective simplicity that we’re going to let you download it for free. Zero. Zilch. Nothing. No ifs, no buts, no cost to you and nothing whatsoever to lose. There really is no catch (unless you count all those trapped expenses you’ve run up in the course of your business, that you would otherwise have converted into a scruffy and incomplete collection of receipts in a shoebox). What’s not to like? You can find the Solo Expenses app here on our website, or in the app store.

*Other burger chains are available. You can list your favourite logoburgers, or any kind of regular expense, on a Solo Expenses.  With a focus on simplicity, we’ve called the section ‘favourites’. Thumbs up to that, we say!