How parents can eliminate at least one worry about University life

As thousands of young people leave home to start a University career, Solo Expenses provides a crumb of comfort to parents left behind by offering a free money management app to help new students manage their meagre financial resources

A small white loaf was the only food in a shopping trolley nevertheless full to the brim and beyond with cans of strong lager.

The trio of young men pushing it uphill from the supermarket to the University halls of residence seemed to think this was perfectly normal, even if the loaf did keep falling to the ground as they negotiated the footpath’s uneven paving.

Pressed to guess what their sons were doing at that moment, their parents could have come up with any number of scenarios – but it’s unlikely that a shopping trolley containing 100-plus cans of strong lager would have been involved. Had they seen it, no doubt there would have been a sharp intake of breath.

University’s first vital lesson
How parents can eliminate at least one worry about University life-1University is a learning experience for all concerned; for the students it’s as much about life as much as about academia, and for the parents it’s about learning to live without someone who’s been around for almost two decades, and about hoping you’ve done enough to educate them about life on their own.

If you give them one last piece of advice, it should be this: Be careful with your money. Many students will never have had to think about it, because the bank of mum and dad probably had it covered. But you can’t do that for ever; it would be doing the young people a disservice. That’s what makes the free-to-download Solo Expenses invaluable to students (and their parents).

Good for parents
You can’t be looking over their shoulders the whole time. They wouldn’t thank you for it. But you could almost be there by downloading Solo Expenses onto their phones, and, as a voice of conscience, encouraging them to use it carefully. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that they’ll have a feel for how well their budgetary control is going, and if it does go wrong there ought to be an early warning. What’s more, you’ll have given them one more valuable life lesson that, away from home for the first time, they may well heed – because for them it’s a link back to home as well, which is important in supporting them in their first months away. Who would have thought that wise thoughts and daily help from mum and dad could be there on their phone, ready to assist at any time.

Good for students
Students often can’t tell the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’ – even though they’re far from the same thing. They’re not alone in a tendency to be blinded by the desire for ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ strong lager, or another top from Hollister or the latest trainers. In the shop, it all seems so easy and accessible. It would, that’s the way the retailers have made it. But, in the cold light of a post-shopping day, seeing all the spending gathered together in one place, and totted up into a grand total of outgoings, a shock could be in store – take a look at our picture again. With the help of Solo Expenses students can are able to better monitor what they’ve spent against whatever budget they have available, and in doing so take responsibility for their own lives.

If you want to do one important thing for your son or daughter going away from home for the first time, possibly never to return to live, give them Solo Expenses. They might think you’re interfering, but they’ll thank you for it later.