How much does expense management software cost?

The range of expense management software now available for businesses is staggering.  Indeed, it is difficult to decide which system will work for your business.  Knowing your business priorities and the number of users helps in deciding.

Before deciding, you may wish to consider these points, and then the offerings:

  1. The expense management system apart from making it easy for the employees and approvers, it must also benefit the business in terms of saving time and money.
  2. It should have an intuitive interface that works seamlessly for the business.Being able to input expenses on the go, timely approvals and swift reimbursements are major factors.
  3. It should be able to scale with your business.For example, it should offer functions which you may need in (say) 1 years from now, but you do not need to pay for them today !
  4. That said, 99% of expense management solutions are usually priced per user per month.The starting price is in the range of £4 to £6 per user per month, for active users.  You are paying for functions that you may never use or atleast not use today !

How is ExpenseOnDemand different and why select it ?

  1. There is a 30-day free trial for you to evaluate.
  2. Onboard and trial it with as few as 4 employees.
  3. The on-boarding process takes just 3 minutes, and you can start claiming and approving on the go!
  4. Add more people as you go along from the phone or the web.
  5. Thereafter, the Starter pack costs just £1 per user per person, which offers the following benefits:
    1. Submit and Approve claims via the mobile.
    2. Our “smart scan” technology can automagically “read” the receipt and create an expense.
    3. At the same time, the longitude and latitude are also captured. This helps the Approver to view the location of the expense and ensure the veracity of the expense.
    4. Export a CSV and populate your accounting application.
  6. Submission of expenses and approval takes minutes, not days, and payments just seconds!
  7. If you have integrated this to Xero / QuickBooks or Sage, the process becomes seamless.
  8. It does not stop here. As your business starts to grow again, and your requirements become more sophisticated, you can buy those functions from our menu of 78 functions that address these needs.  Hence, you only pay for what you use – and not a penny more!
  9. This expense management solution offers you the ability to pick and mix functions. And to top it, the customer is offered two types of pricing, i.e., “Transaction based pricing” and “Per User pricing”.  Both are per month.

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If it does not work for you – just un-subscribe.  That said, our 200,000 plus users who have on-boarded after Covid 19, must be finding something right, because they continue to use it, and their numbers are growing!

Image Credits:  Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay