How expense automation can boost employee productivity?

Most businesses see employee expense automation as something which only large businesses require.  However, in today’s world, even SMBs are looking at ways to replace manual processes with automation.  One of these is employees filling their expenses manually.  Covid 19, and the urgency to increase efficiency and productivity, is speeding up this process to automate employee expenses.

In addition, as part of an overarching change, businesses across the world are also looking at ways to reduce processes that do not provide a great “Employee Experience” (EX).  Because EX is becoming an important factor for the success of any business.  It gives businesses an edge over their competition.  As per Gallup, businesses with unparalleled EX see:

  1. 17% higher productivity
  2. 24% lower turnover
  3. 21% more profitability

5 reasons why automating the expense process improves employee productivity:

  1. Accessibility: Employees can access the expense management service from anywhere, anytime.  This allows employees to instantly record expenses on their mobile phones.
  2. Streamlining the process: Smartphones allow employees to create an expense and send their reports anytime.  This significantly reduces wastage of time and increases productivity.
  3. Improves employee satisfaction: Ending manual processes, empowers claimants to live up to their full potential.  Employees can finally focus on strategic and innovative initiatives rather than boring manual tasks.
  4. Better use of time: Automation reduces employee workload, which translates into better performance and morale.
  5. Flexibility: Adopting a cloud-based system, also gives the employees an option of embracing Working From Home.

Regardless of your company size, ExpenseOnDemand can help your business automate and simplify your expense management processes.  Providing you the ability to gain full visibility and control on employee spending.

We offer a 30-day free trial and then for only £1 per user per month to automate your expense reimbursement process.  It is power packed with many functionalities, which offer huge benefits to a business.  Compare this with others, where the cost can be anywhere between £4 to £8 per active user per month.

The Starter Pack offers the following benefits:

  1. Submit and approve claims via the mobile, on the go anytime anywhere
  2. Our scanner can automatically “read” the receipt and create an expense.
  3. The photographed receipt captures the longitude and latitude. The Approver can view to ensure the location where the expense occurred
  4. Export a CSV file and populate your accounting file.

To experience the power of automated expense management for yourself, click here to Try the App.

Or you can request a free and personalised demo with our visionary team, if you want to understand how automation of expenses can transform the EX to boost productivity and better business performance.