Why Hope the dolphin has plenty to smile about

Grandad Ron is delighted that action’s being taken to stop people throwing empty plastic bottles away without thinking of the consequences – but it was a newspaper cartoon that made him think of the ExpenseOnDemand giving back initiative, and our sponsorship of Hope the dolphin…

Grandad Ron spun the newspaper around to his wife Lorna and jabbed his finger at the Matt cartoon. In it a dolphin was standing at a plastic bottle recycling facility, where a 22p refund was being advertised, and saying to the attendant: “I’ve got 583 billion outside.”

Said Ron: “Matt’s nailed it as usual. That’s a good cartoon, and I’m pleased he’s been able to produce it after the Government has promised to bring in bottle deposits to cut back pollution.”

“Not before time,” said Lorna, rinsing out glass jars in readiness for a jam-making session. “Plastic gets everywhere and it never goes away. Not like when we were young, and we used to collect glass bottles and take them back to get a few pennies for them. Useful source of income, that was, when we were little. I used to buy penny sweets with mine…”

Searching for the news

As was often the case, Ron wasn’t listening. He’d reached for his wife’s tablet and was searching for news about the announcement. “Found it!” he said triumphantly. “It’s that Surfers Against Sewage group who’ve proved that there are hundreds of thousands of people who care enough about the environment to take the same stance ExpenseOnDemand has done by doing something positive. They’ve all signed a petition that’s really made a difference. I wish I’d seen it; I would have signed too.”

“So what have they actually done?”, Lorna wanted to know.

Ron read from the Surfers Against Sewage web site. “Their Chief Executive is Tagholm. Listen; this is what he says: Surfers Against Sewage is thrilled with the government announcement committing the country to a deposit return scheme on plastic bottles, drinks containers and cans. This huge victory for our oceans will stop millions of plastic bottles escaping into the environment annually and stem the tidal wave of plastics swamping our coastlines. It’s a testament to the power of the grassroots campaigners who united to call on the government to stop throwaway plastics at source. We’d like to thank all the signatories of our petition, volunteers and ocean advocates for creating the change our oceans need. This is another big step towards Plastic Free Coastlines.”

 Perfect fit
The latest news is a perfect fit with the commitment made by ExpenseOnDemand, which seeks to be a change maker by giving regular donations to worthy causes, amongst them the Worldwide Fund For Nature, which works to preserve healthy marine habitats on which so many people depend for the livelihood.

Lorna wanted to go further. “It’s all very well recycling plastic bottles, but we’d be better off without them in the first place,” she said. “We don’t need them. Look how well we manage without supermarket carrier bags. People hardly notice they’re not there anymore. We should have more glass bottles; they can be recycled time and time again, or just washed out and re-used.”

Ron shook his head. “One step at a time,” he said. “Think of it this way. Lots of people who believe the same thing can be change makers and help others by actions that might seem insignificant on their own.

“We need to look after the planet. It’s not ours, you know; we only have it in trust for our grandchildren…”