A guaranteed approach to make you employee of the month

You’ve heard the through expressed in any number of ways, any number of times. Our favourite is ‘keep your eyes on the prize’ – so you can see where we’re going here. We’ve even put the thought into our latest video clip, about how to be the employee of the month. But before you click away, remember that there’s more than one competition happening. Read on to find out why…

There is one sure-fire way of making yourself employee of the month – and that’s to be the only one in the competition.

But why would you compete against yourself? That’s crazy talk, isn’t it? Not really – if you consider why you have a job at all.  You go to work because there are bills to pay, and you need to put food on the table, and do a whole host of other stuff that you couldn’t do without cash.

So you have to be there, and sure, work is hard – but why should it be any harder than it needs to be? That’s where the competition comes in. The competitor you’re up against is your own disorganised self, and the weapon at your disposal is the desire to get home after a long day having accomplished a whole heap of stuff without tiring yourself out and allowing the evening to become  grumblefest about your workload, your employer, and the unfairness of the world at large.

Our tips will improve your lifestyle
By following the tips in our employee of the month YouTube clip, you’ll be helping yourself in ways you can’t even see. Here’s why. Whilst a certain amount of stress is good for you (no, really, it is), too much isn’t. It can lead to elevated blood pressure, heart problems, and mental health issues _ to name but a few.

These days any good employer will be alive to all of these things, and should have strategies and policies in place to deal with them. But even then, we can heap pressure on ourselves.

Be your own best buddy
So, rather than be your own worst enemy at work, be your best work buddy. Teach yourself how to lighten the load by attacking work in a focused rather than shambolic fashion. That way, you’ll get through more in less time, and be able to set off for home feeling tired, but proud of what you’ve achieved, and therefore more ready to relax doing what you want, be it a hobby, something energetic, or just kicking back in front of the TV with the family.

Chances are that you’ll also sleep better. That’s because your mind won’t be chewing over things you didn’t achieve during the day, which are going to get in the way tomorrow. That’ll disturb your sleep pattern, and you may well wake feeling tired – which is no way to start the day. It’ll just make the work harder and slower when you get there.

No tools required
You’ll need no tools to take on board our employee of the month tips, unless you could a pen or two and a highlighter and our expense manager app for when you save time recording your expenses. Being a good expense manager is one of our tips – keeping control of your spending with a powerful but intuitive app is a great time-saver. We show you how to download it at the end of the YouTube clip.  (You might even suggest to your boss that everyone in the company should be using it, because it’ll save money and improve profits. Point out that people in almost 100 countries are already on board with it, so it must have huge benefits. And you might tell him that ExpenseOnDemand was the first company to create an expense management system exclusively for the sole trader, and that SMEs can try it for 14 days absolutely free – all of that must prove you have the company’s best interests at heart, and make you deserving of an employee of the month award).

Here’s a final thought
If you don’t know where you’re going, then you’re likely to end up somewhere else. Working as an employee, you’re supposed to be adding value to the company. But you need to add value to yourself as well – that’s the real prize. Get organised in your professional life. You’ll be happier and healthier when you do!