Great minds think alike: That’s why we integrate with Tally

Speed and financial accuracy in expense management are the ultimate objectives of ExpenseOnDemand – and that’s why we love Tally so much, because its creators share our vision of making it easier to run a 21st century business – but that’s only part of the story; there’s a surprising and refreshing other dimension…

It would be foolish to describe Tally as the formula for happiness in business, but it’s not too great a stretch of the imagination. Hundreds of thousands have become employable because of it; similar numbers have launched their own businesses with its help.

Tally is an accounting package used extensively in India, but it has sought to achieve much more than easy accounting. Its creators have recognised that business is not exclusively about buying, selling, and offering services, but is about people.

Those other things are important; of course they are, but none of them happen without people, and that’s close to the heart of ExpenseOnDemand too.

Tally – with which our online expense management software integrates perfectly – has been in the accounting arena since 1986, and has developed an extensive customer base of millions. And they’re as much of a Tally product as its accounting software. Tally says it has created jobs, made people more employable, and launched others onto new careers as business people. It has, it says, made people happy. And isn’t that a wonderful achievement?

Why Tally makes people happy
Working through possibly the largest tax regime change in Indian history, the introduction of GST, Tally’s business offer is a powerful one, talking of error detection and correction capabilities as part of a tax filing offering. It caught our attention immediately.

It’s that kind of attention to detail that sits behind the Tally offering, with packages geared to the filing requirements of any size of business.

Tally began with a small business in Bangalore. Not in accountancy, but in textiles. Seeking to automate his accountancy, company founder Shri Shyam Sundar Goenka found existing software complex and hard to use. He urged his son Bharat to develop something simpler, and it’s from that which Tally was born.

Today Barat is the MD, and the achievement of the company of which he was co-founder has been to win the first-ever NASSCOM Lifetime Achievement Award, and the title of ‘Father of the Indian software product industry’.

Why Tally is good for industry
Mr Goenka’s belief is that moving money is key to economic growth. It’s the Tally belief that if commerce is simplified, then more value is added more quickly, demand increases, more money is spent, and more is earned. “A faster cycle is a winning situation for all stakeholders, and creates a happier world,” he says.

That’s the ExpenseOnDemand view too. Although we’ve been in the business for half the time Tally has been operating, we believe in the simplicity and accuracy of transactions. We don’t have as many customers, but our product is used in more than 90 countries, and our objective is to speed the process of online expense management. Integration with Tally helps us in our development process – because in the end, every pinnacle, once conquered, becomes the place to stand to seek out the next climb.

Picture: Tally web site