Why good expense managers can ride unicycles

Well, that caught your attention, didn’t it, if for no other reason that you can see no earthly connection between a unicycle and expense management. But suspend disbelief, and we’ll explain…

OK, we’ll come clean. The only connection between expense management and a unicycle is that getting the first one right will give you time to pack with exciting things that you wouldn’t otherwise have time for.

And when we say ‘can’ we don’t mean that managing your expenses effectively will suddenly give you a skill, such as unicycling, that you didn’t have when you woke up this morning. Instead, we mean you’d have given yourself the time to learn it. Or to do any number of other worthwhile or wacky things on your bucket list.

Six reasons to switch to ExpenseOnDemand
Having more time is one of the reasons to switch to using the ExpenseOnDemand, the first expense management app created for use by sole traders. That was way back in 2003, since when we’ve been refining and enhancing our software so that, although it’s been around for a while, it’s still innovative, effective, and up to date.

We’ve rolled that up with five other reasons to form a business relationship with our friendly smartphone app for your expense management. They’re all illustrated in this YouTube clip, which will take you less than a minute to watch. (See, saving time in getting to the point).

Behind the reasons to switch to ExpenseOnDemand
There’s a common thread linking all of the time savers that you’ll see in the YouTube clip. It’s about doing things more efficiently; accomplishing the task in the least time possible. And for anyone in business, that’s far more important than having time to learn the unicycle, or practice orienteering, or any of the other things you might be doing. It’s about eliminating unnecessary things to focus on what’s really important.

Manage your expenses like the Olympics
Take the lesson from Tim Hart-Davis, who won a gold medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 as a member of the GB rowing eight. The team had an objective, which was to win gold. The philosophy they used to underwrite their success was to ask a simple question about everything they did. It was this: “Will it make the boat go faster?” If the answer was yes; they did it. If the answer was no, they didn’t. That’s why they weren’t at the Games’ opening ceremony. They could hear it through the windows, but they stayed indoors and watched it on TV, because turning up wouldn’t have made their boat go any faster.

How that affects you
Translate that lesson to your own business. The question then becomes: “Will it improve my business?” You’ll see at once that as far as manual expense claiming, checking, and paying is concerned, the answer will be no. They’re manual activities which add no value. Streamline them by using ExpenseOnDemand for your money management, and you’ll have more time for making your business better, or for doing other life-enriching things. Now, how much does a beginner’s unicycle actually cost..?