Get on the road to financial recovery with a free trial of our expense management system

It’s humbling to think that what motivated Charles Babbage to develop the very earliest programmable calculating machine was in our thinking when we developed our expense management app.

Not that we knew it at the time, you understand, but it’s true all the same – and now you can sample it for nothing, and afterwards enjoy the benefit permanently for just £1 per employee per month.

Babbage was infuriated with inaccuracies in manually-calculated figures in the tables that were all that existed in the pre-calculator world the best part of 200 years ago.

He reasoned that there had to be a better and more accurate way of getting the right numbers, and developed a machine – bizarrely steam driven – to do the work. He called it the Difference Engine, and it was the world’s first programmable computing device.

 To eradicate errors, eradicate people

Babbage sought to eradicate errors from the calculation process, and to do that he took people out of it and put the work into the hands, as it were, of a machine. We’ve done exactly the same with the ExpenseOnDemand expense management solution, which we’ve been enhancing for almost 20 years.

The result is that beyond the initial input of data to our system, it contains no possibility for human error as far as the numbers are concerned, because the information is passed on by the technology rather than by people. In the going, it streamlines the process too, because there are no intermediate steps, and the people who would have been busy with data entry can get on with more productive tasks.

Our £1 offer to you starts with ‘free’

As SMBs begin to struggle to their feet in the wake of the pandemic, we felt we had a duty of care to help in any way we could. Reasoning that cost control would be high on the list of business priorities, we’ve set up a way for you to see how our expense management system can help your business – at no initial cost.

We’ve set up a 30-day FREE trial which will allow you to have up to four employees use our system to claim, approve, and reimburse expenses. Signing on is a three-minute process, and you can sign on here.

An added benefit is the elimination of paper, which is part of our system – and that’s got to be a post-pandemic bonus, on the basis that it reduces the possibility of transmission of the virus. With our system, any recording of receipts is done using the phone’s camera, which, if you opt for the appropriate feature from our customer dashboard, will even ‘read’ the details and record, date, supplier, and amount.

Babbage would have loved it…