Forget the Oscars – welcome to the Ollies!

We surprised our blogging partner Stuart Pearcey with the latest incarnation of his expense manager app work –  YouTube videos of some of the blogs he’s written for us. His reaction was priceless…

They say a picture is worth a thousands words – but this was the first time I’d ever seen anything I’d written transformed into an offering for the small screen.

It’s not that I’ve broken into TV yet, you understand; I can’t imagine a time when that will happen, so a YouTube appearance featuring characters imagined from what I’d written for the ExpenseOnDemand money management app was a very pleasant surprise.

And the expense management winner is…
I think the clips deserve an award, and I have great pleasure in presenting it to all five of them. I’ve called it an ‘Ollie’ after the character Ollie Banks I’ve created to help tell the ExpenseOnDemand story. He has his own section of the ExpenseOnDemand web site here – but before he hogs all the limelight, let’s get back to these other YouTube clips. It’s not all about you, Banks!

In Five Productivity Tips for Sales Professionals it was a little odd to find advice I’d presented as a written blog shown back to me in a clip that played less than a minute. You see, it was all there, all the points I’d raised, but in a much more punchy promotional form – and it’s fair to say they were easier to take on board, though the message remains the same. It was another take on making best use of time; or being in command of your own job, rather than having it in command of you. Who is the boss, anyway? And who should it be?

Video clips are an interesting way to assimilate information; faster than the written word, and perhaps more memorable. There’s probably a study that says exactly that.

Money management lessons for all of us
Although the clip is about sales professionals, the lessons it offers could be directed at any of us in all kinds of other jobs; and it’s about making the best of what you’ve got. That’s where the ExpenseOnDemand comes is, as far as expense management is concerned. Using the app (you can download it from a link at the end of the clip) it’s easier to record spending, and keep on top of company finances. And why wouldn’t you want to do that? After all, those of us in business are in business to make money, so the tighter the rein we can keep on our cash, the better, rather than having funds slip though our fingers like dry sand.

Remember, if you aren’t making money in business, you’ don’t have a business at all, just a hobby – and a very expensive one at that!

Of course there isn’t time in the video clip to show all of the advantages of ExpenseOnDemand for managing your company’s money; in all honesty there are too many of them – this is a video clip we’re showing, not War and Peace or Ben Hur.

But do you actually need to have everything explained all in one go? Probably not, when you realise you can try the ExpenseOnDemand app for yourself.  Living with our pocket powerhouse for that long will let you explore it thoroughly, and discover the specific benefits you can unlock for your business. What better time to have a look at it than now? Here’s the link.