Face Entrepreneurship – helping others to climb their personal Everest

The journey to success as an entrepreneur is like climbing Mount Everest; fraught with difficulty, and more easily accomplished with the support of others who, if you’ll pardon the pun, know the ropes. Expense manager app Solo Expenses is lending its weight to a pan-European organisation called Face Entrepreneurship to provide exactly that support…

Becoming an entrepreneur is like climbing Mount Everest. You know the goal, and you know reaching it is possible because others have already achieved it, in spite of the peak’s apparent insurmountability.

Much has been written about how to reach that distant summit; about details like altitude sickness, the biting cold and the death zone.

Between idea and ambition lie all manner of difficulties which good fortune may help the budding mountaineer to conquer ­– but how much more sense would it make to talk to someone who’d been there, and learned hints and tips for survival that make the difference between life and death?

But until you actually make the journey for yourself, you won’t truly understand the commitment required to succeed any more than you’ll appreciate the value of the advice available to you. And in that respect being a conqueror of Everest and succeeding as an entrepreneur are pretty much the same thing. (Although we’d freely admit the entrepreneurial journey to a successful business is unlikely to kill you, even though from time to time it feels as though it might.)

 Valuable organisation
Which is why an organisation called Face Entrepreneurship is so valuable in the world of ICT startups. Made up of those who’ve already trodden the path you’ve chosen, it is a global network of people who’ve thrown their hats in the ring to help others, starting out on the journey, to overcome the difficulties that lie ahead.

As the organisation says on its website, good ideas are important ­– but the next bit is important too. As the website says: “It’s easier to turn these ideas into solid projects when you can count on the support and experience of other entrepreneurs who, like you, have made the decision to develop an ICT project.

“We know that the challenges can sometimes be frightening even cause panic. Most entrepreneurs you meet have gone through this. But they’re still here! Because launching your own business idea means immersing yourself in a passionate universe in which, although sometimes hard to believe, even the small and not so small mistakes are important lessons that will help you to achieve your goals.”

The objectives
Face Entrepreneurship is funded by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 project. Its objective is to boost entrepreneurship amongst young Europeans in the world of ICT by showing how they can progress, and by helping to foster an understanding that failure might happen, and how it might best be coped with. Its call to action for ICT entrepreneurs is compelling. It says: “We don’t want to resign ourselves to just offering you all of the information possible, we also want to know about you. What worries you as an entrepreneur? What excites you? How to you confront your doubts? What’s your day-to-day like?  Tell us about your experiences; participate by commenting in the community. Your contributions will help us to understand our European community of entrepreneurs better… We want to count on you.  We want you to know you can count on us. Join us.  Become a FACEr and set aside your fears.”

Solo Expenses understands that one of the reasons new companies can fail is that they didn’t keep a close enough eye on the finance; the lubrication that keeps the world of commerce running smoothly. Our free-to-download money management app, established in 2003, was the first expanse manager app aimed exclusively at sole traders. We’ve evolved it considerably since then, now having four service levels with different features, all of them designed to deliver the same control over money management to maximise the benefit of the resource, but geared to size and scale of operations, from individuals to organisations employing thousands.

Because our business offering is ICT-based we understand the needs of ICT startups, but to be fair, their the same kind of thing that’s needed by anyone starting any kind of business. Effective money management is as important as lots of other things, all driven by unfailing but unquantifiable belief and commitment; about working with the right people who care about their skills and contribution as passionately as you care about yours.

And above all, there’s a need to understand that you may fail without an unfaltering determination that will take you to the summit of a personal Everest where you’ll be able to say: “I’ve done it.”

Picture: © Daniel Prudek | Dreamstime.com