Why expense reporting software has to grow with you and your business

The wind farm on the hill and the solar panels on your neighbour’s roof are telling you something – that you should choose expense management software based on the way the technology develops. Look behind the glitz to see the evolution of your preferred expense manager app to discover if it has the track record to prove it can grow with you and your business…

The one thing that’s constant about technology is that it never stops changing. Look around you. Who would have thought it was possible to generate electricity from the sun or the wind on a commercial scale?

Who would have thought robots could be used to build cars or perform delicate surgery? Once considered impossible, those things, and a host of others like them, are happening right now.

Stand that idea on its head, and it becomes obvious that technology that doesn’t grow will be left in the wake of that which does, rendered inferior or even obsolete by new developments.

We’ve got better to help you save
Expense management software is no different.  We’ve been helping people to improve their lives and businesses with it since 2003, but the product we offer today is very different from what we set out with. (and don’t forget we were the first business expense software designed to support sole traders). What’s more, we have a global reach, with satisfied customers in almost 100 countries.

Our product enhancements happen all the time – only a week ago we decided that we should let prospective new customers try our expense management app for 14 days without having to register (though we’ve had a trial period option for ages). That ‘non-registering’ opportunity might seem a very minor change, and no doubt it is, being part of an evolutionary process. But that’s how it should be. Evolution is a gradual process; the accumulation of a host of tiny changes that build into a stronger and better whole. The second change we’ve introduced is that it’s slicker and easier to sign up, so you can be using our system in minutes.

Who Solo Expenses is good for your bank balance
The result, for us, is a suite of options that has something to offer to everyone – individual, club, charity, SME or corporate client – and priced so they can work out to be free.

The features of each differ slightly across the range, but the effect is the same – to save time and money by careful and effective monitoring of expenses. It makes sense that they’re different; why would an individual need an approval process, for instance? Or why would a corporate business with thousands of employees not need one?

 Meet the packages:
What these have in common is that they’re all smartphone-based, and just as happy as iPhone money management apps as Android expense manager apps.

Personal Use. Always free (really). Perfect for household and personal expenses. We even know of students who’ve used this to help them eat more healthily by sharpening up their money management skills and giving them more flexibility over food shopping.

Business Owner. £2.49 per user per month. This is the first of our packages aimed at small businesses. This one requires no approval process, but still offers many of the features of its bigger brothers, like GPS-based mileage tracking, the ability to have SMS transaction updates, and to import credit and debit card transactions. Comes with a 14-day free trial.

SME. Starts at £10 per month for up to five users, but the more users you have, the most cost-effective this becomes. For up to 100 users the charge will be just £90 a month. Using the software will save you at least some of that investment, but there’s no reason why the whole cost couldn’t be covered – by tightening expense control and reducing the time taking in claiming, approving, paying expenses, employees will have more time for tasks that add value to the business. This package has the added dimension of an approval process.

Expense on Demand. This is our ‘Enterprise’ package, and it’s a flexible as a box of rubber bands. It’s bursting with helpful features, like enforcing your expense policy at point of entry, vehicle management, duty of care, elimination of paper receipts, the ability to work in global currencies, book travel and integrate credit cards – the list just goes on. For that reason we can’t quote a price on line; the number of permutations that you could build into your bespoke system is just too large. We have offices in the UK, India, Australia, the USA and Singapore, but you can get in touch with us here and now. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

And finally…
Your business will undoubtedly evolve and grow. It’ll be a journey of discovery, and as that growth takes place, it’ll be good to have a trusted and proven partner at your side. As far as expense management is concerned, we believe we’d be the right choice.