Why ExpenseOnDemand will cost you less than peanuts

Take a good look at our picture. Is this what you’re paying for your company’s business expense tracker app? Any more than this and you’re paying too much. In fact, for some of the features offered by ExpenseOnDemand, even this is too much. Way too much. Turns out there might be such a thing as a free lunch after all. Here’s why ExpenseOnDemand should be your business expense tracking software of choice…

Sign up to use ExpenseOnDemand, and we’ll give you the basic features of our business expense tracker app for nothing. Seriously. Nothing. No charge Not now, not ever.

That’s really the case. This is not an offer limited to a few days or a few weeks; we’ll never charge you for the basic features for as long as you’re registered with us.

But that’s just the basic features. There are lots more which you may or may not want to use, and for which we have to charge a small fee – but here’s where it gets clever. Because control of our online expense management software is built around a user-friendly interface or ‘dashboard’, you can turn on other features as and when you need them – and turn them off again when you don’t.

A pricing model that works for you
Because we understand that the needs of a business change, we’ve built our business expense tracker app to reflect that, so we are always ready to change to suit you. Turn on a feature, and we’ll start to charge you for it. Turn it off, and we’ll stop. No long-term contract for features for which you have no need; no long-term commitment to unnecessary expenditure – why would we expect you to commit to that? We’re in the business of controlling your expenses, not adding to them.

And then we’ve brought the cost down to the barest minimum by charging you on a per employee per month basis. Growing so fast that you need more employees who’ll be able to claim expenses? No problem; just add them onto the system. Someone leaving? Take them off again as easily.

That sounds almost too good to be true. Perhaps it does, but that doesn’t make it any less true, all the same. But it goes further. By diligently using our online expenses app it’s not impossible that you’ll save more than the monthly investment you make in our software.

10 ExpenseOnDemand features

  1. Establish corporate expenses policy
  2. Always pay the lowest possible price
  3. Calculate and add in tax
  4. File spending in bespoke categories (use ours, or set up your own)
  5. Work in multiple currencies
  6. Calculate journey lengths using GPS
  7. Claim, approve, and reimburse anywhere in the world, at any time
  8. Link to credit cards, keeping company and personal money apart
  9. Upload reports to internal or external finance teams
  10. Boost your CSR. ExpenseOnDemand operates a ‘giving back’ policy under which part of the proceeds of sale of our software is given to places where it’s desperately needed. That means that by using our online expenses software you’re helping women out of the sex trade, supporting blind girls in India to make a living, or part-funding and orphanage in Africa. Imagine; spending less in your business is giving back to society at the same time. Who would have thought that was possible?