Expense management just got slicker thanks to ExpenseOnDemand

As part of our commitment to the success and online safety of our customers’ businesses against the background of increasing levels of cyber-crime, ExpenseOnDemand has introduced new levels of security into our market-leading expense management app.

We have upgraded the user interface as part of a move to a more secure on-line environment using multiple data centre providers and locations, and introduced a ‘Basic’ service level offering the functions shown in this table below.


These steps represent another enhancement of the service we have been providing to make expense management more effective since 2003, and is designed to make sure our product evolves to remain relevant and effective in cost control within your business.

We’ve written to all existing customers to notify them of the change, explaining that the new service level will be charged at just £1 per user per month, simply to ensure we have the financial resilience to sustain this new more secure environment, which in effect is an investment in the security of your data that we’re making on your behalf.

For existing customers the detail means we have to end our ‘Free for Life’ offer at the end of this month, with all customers using that tariff being moved to ‘Basic’ by May 31st – but we won’t start charging for it before then.

Data that exists in the Free for Life offer will automatically be migrated to Basic, and there will be a 15-day grace period to subscribe.

ExpenseOnDemand owner and co-founder Sunita Nigam said: “We hope customers will acknowledge that it’s in all our interests that we exercise our duty of care to enhance the levels of security we offer through our expense management app.

“As cybercrime gets more sophisticated, so our protection against it must grow too. Our customers have a right to expect that we will always put their interests first, alongside those of the companies with whom they do business. We feel that a charge of £1 per user per month is a tiny price to pay to maintain those high levels of security – and it’s worth remembering that the peace of mind that comes with it is entirely free!”