Eliminate Expense Management Frustration By Using Our Receipt Scanner App

Unclaimable expenses resulting from lost receipts are a thing of the past thanks to the receipt scanner app offered by ExpenseOnDemand.

Every stage of a business trip is punctuated by paper, which has now become a risk.  Risk, because none of us knows its journey, and whether it is contagious with COVID 19.  Receipts from restaurants, taxis, and hotels create a blizzard of the stuff, requiring a whole new dimension of undesirable admin & management.

They’re all different sizes, making them hard to file – and have you noticed how often they arrive when your hands are full of other stuff, like briefcases, overnight bag, coats, passports, and all the other things without which business trips couldn’t happen?  Imagine, all the articles & belongings they leave your “Print” upon.  And imagine, who all in your home or office then touch them too?

That apart, they also get lost – especially the pesky small ones produced by restaurant card machines, which are always keen to roll themselves up again – and that makes it hard if not impossible to claim the lunch you bought for two potential clients.

Go paperless & stay safe

The answer is to fall back on the technology of the expense management system created by ExpenseOnDemand.  It harnesses the power of your smartphone camera to scan your receipts and file them electronically, in the same neat order, in one handy place.  That makes saving your paper receipts a thing of the past.  Indeed, once scanned, the paper copies can be discarded into the nearest bin, without others having to touch them, and you then washing your hands clean.

Our top five receipt scanner app features

1. Photographs receipts

2. Reads receipts and fills data fields

3. Files by category

4. Makes paper receipts redundant

5. Integrates with accounting software

Going beyond record-keeping

Photographing a receipt is a better option than keeping a paper copy – but our expense manager app goes beyond being a simple receipt manager with its smart receipts capability.  Our intelligent technology will read the receipt presented to it through the camera, recording date, value, and payee for any business expense.  That information can then be filed in whatever category is appropriate to your business.

Filing becomes a dream

Our software comes with a series of pre-set expense categories, but you can add as many others as you like to make organising receipts as efficient and easy as possible.  Maybe you want to link spending to a particular cost number, a project, department, or individual.  All of those are possible.  And when they’re no longer needed – when one project is signed off, or if an individual leaves the company, – they can be deleted or re-named to suit the next one.

Seamless integrations

We have shown that our cutting-edge technology puts us in the vanguard of receipt scanning apps, and that’s underlined by our ability to go far beyond that.  Our software can track expenses from the recording of a receipt right through to the finance team and the company accounts.  We have set up the ability to integrate with leading accounting software used by SMEs, covering Sage 50, QuickBooks, Xero, and Tally, and we’ll soon add more to the list too.  That means an approved expenses claim can be incorporated into the company account with no further human intervention. How neat is that?!  And also imagine the safety, i.e., the risk of contagion cut to zero !

More time saving on the cards

It’s not only accounting software that can be integrated into our expense manager app; credit cards can be linked too.  The advantage of this is the removal of any reason to mix employee money and company money.  A credit card – even a company one – can be linked to our system, streamlining your record-keeping still further by simplifying the whole claim, approve, reimburse cycle.

Always available

Because our expense management app uses Software as a Service (it’s called SaaS in the IT industry) you’re able to create expense reports at any hour of the day or night anywhere in the world – so long as you have a WiFi signal.  That means report generation, along with claiming and approval of the expenses, and creating your expense report, can be slotted in to any spare moment.

And it won’t break the bank.

All of the features we offer (apart from the free-for-life ones) can be turned on or off at will.  We’ve even created this instant pricing calculator for you to work out the cost of getting the support of ExpenseOnDemand technology behind your business.  We believe you’ll be genuinely surprised by just how inexpensive a powerful business tool can be, Check it out now !

Picture: Dragonimages | Dreamstime


Author: Sunil Nigam
CEO & Founder