Don’t look for approval – with ExpenseOnDemand, it’ll find you

“Not a bad personal appraisal, Bill,” Ollie told his colleague; “Not bad at all.”

Bill puffed out his cheeks and ran his fingers through his hair before saying: “That’s a relief. I always thought I was doing a good job, but what I think is less important than what other’s think.”

Ollie raised his eyebrows. “You should have more confidence in your own abilities, Bill. You have a great eye for detail, and that helps everyone in the business.”

Bill nodded. “I try. But thanks for saying so anyway. Third party approval is always a bonus.”

Ollie smiled. “Makes you sound like employee expenses, Bill. They need third party approval before they can be paid – but how often do they get kicked back? I can’t recall any having been rejected, for any reason, not since we started using online expense management software. It’s a lot like you; turns the complex into something simple, without missing any of the details – and everyone loves it for that, just like we love you.”

“That’s enough,” said Bill, his ears going very slightly pink. “Anyway, are you saying I’m simple?”

“I wouldn’t dream of saying anything so personal – well, unless it was a compliment, which it was. But it’s true; the world of business can be very complicated, and all too often ‘complex’ takes longer to understand than ‘simple’ – or maybe we should say ‘straightforward’. Don’t you see? It’s far better to understand something at once and then get on with the work, rather than having to spend time getting your head around it before you can do it. It takes us back to that old question about asking yourself if what you’re doing is actually adding value to the business or not.”

“So, you’re saying I’m like online expenses management software because I add value to the business, and shouldn’t be worried about seeking approval?”

“You could put it like that,” said Ollie. “If your expenses claim is accurate, then the approval will come; it’s a given. We can’t approve of you online, except in your annual appraisal, which is what we’ve done. If you needed a pat on the head every time you did something you’re expected to do, then life would get pretty tedious, and you’d have a flat head.”

“I’ll claim some rewards for approval on my expenses, shall I?” asked Bill.

Ollie shook his head. “You could try, but remember the sign they used to have in shops; what did it say? Ah yes, ‘please don’t ask for credit as a refusal often offends,” he laughed.