What cutting the lawn can teach us about the month-end expenses claim nightmare

You’d be hard-pushed to see how your lawn mowing regime could have anything to do with being a good expense manager – but don’t jump ship just yet; read on and you’ll see the connection. Heavens, you might even get a good looking lawn out of it too..!

Grass is like business expenses. It happens all the time, growing of its own accord whilst you get on with the other stuff in your life.

But there comes a time when you can’t ignore it anymore; when it gets to be several inches tall, wildflowers appear in it, and small woodland creatures visit to see if it’s a good place to make their home. That’s when you must act.

The result is a miserable day. Grass clippings get in your hair and your ears, the knees of your trousers are stained green, and when you’ve finished, exhausted, sweat-stained, bad-tempered, and in need of a shower, you’re sure to have missed a bit.

ON the other hand, if you get into the habit of whizzing the mower over it every week, it takes only a few easy minutes; it’s done properly, and it might get you out of trudging around the supermarket for the Saturday morning shop.

The former is a real trial; the latter a walk in the park. And that’s the similarity between grass cutting and careful use of effective expense management apps.

Advantage of cloud based expense management software
Using cloud based expense management software is like cutting the lawn every week. The effort involved is negligible and the results are perfect. Everything is in order, and there’s no last-minute time-consuming (and frankly painful) scramble to get it done against the clock.

The advantage of Solo Expenses cloud based expense management software is that it’s always with you, living on your smartphone. For employees, that means you can record an expense the instant you spend the money, with a quick photograph of the receipt or a simple keyed entry. And there it stays, ready to be collated with all the others, and submitted as part of a claim with the flick of a thumb on the right day. You could do that standing in the pub, lounging in front of the TV, sitting in your hotel room, or even at a soccer match (so long as you have a WiFi connections, of course).

Add to that the benefit of it eliminating the need to scrabble around trying to find a particular till receipt. Have you noticed how they get everywhere, they all look the same, and you can never find the one you need?

For employers, it’s a user-friendly expense management system that’s cost effective because it’s easy to use and transparent. Errors involving duplicate claims are eliminated, and, with the right service package, it can be allied to company credit cards so that there is no need to mix employee and company money to get the job done.

And Solo Expenses may well work out to be free
Another great advantage of Solo Expenses is that its pricing is not only transparent, but it’s low too. That means your accrued savings may well be larger than the cost of using the system in the first place, so keeping a tighter rein on your small business expenses management could actually generate a month-on-month income stream.

Being able to create custom reports allows you to see where the spending spikes occur, and armed with that knowledge you may be able to change the way the company works to pull back on that spending without harming the levels of customer service you offer, and without spending quite so much.

Solo Expenses was the first expense management software package to be created with the sole trader in mind, but we have evolved and enhanced our offering since then. We start with ‘personal use’ which we offer completely free. An investment of £2.49 per month per employee unlocks far more features in the ‘business owner’ package, and then the SME package, for companies with up to 100 employees, can be as cheap as 90p per employee per month.

Bigger companies are catered for in the ‘Enterprise’ package, which delivers a pick and mix selection of options from which we can create a truly bespoke package of effective corporate expense management software. (And in the going, employees won’t be late in making their claims, so that’s another headache removed).

The end of the end-of-the-month scramble
Remember, little and often keeps you on top of your expense management system as effectively as it keeps your lawn under control. The feeling of satisfaction at a job well done is entirely free (but priceless, we’d suggest).