What our customers are saying about us

Here’s a radical thought for any business: Your business doesn’t matter. It’s the view we take here at ExpenseOnDemand, and it’s one which helps us succeed. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But suspend disbelief; we’ll explain…

No business exists without satisfied customers. That’s a given. And the extension of that thought is that no business succeeds without lots of satisfied customers.

Therefore, at ExpenseOnDemand we believe, if we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, think like them, and make our product suit them, they’ll be more than simply ‘satisfied’. They’ll be loyal too, because we go on and on helping them; supporting their businesses in being more efficient every day.

And when they do that, our business can’t fail to succeed too! That’s why we have been refining and developing our online expense management software for small business since the day it was launched. That’s getting on for two decades of putting the customer first. Constant refinement has brought us to the point at which we can offer a truly bespoke expenses management solution for a business of any size; one that can be fine tuned and flexed to suit the needs of any business.

Perfect pricing
Take our pricing arrangement. Register as a user, and your business will have access to some features completely free. That’s right. Free. No charge. For ever. And as for the rest of what we offer, there are no long-term contracts; no long-term commitments. You can leave whenever you want. But because we’ve arranged our product and our business in the way we have, we trust that you won’t want to go.

Check it out for yourself. You can register free for life here, where we won’t ask you for  credit card details.

We’ve developed an easy-to-use dashboard of features that you can turn on and off with a simple click. But even if you turn them all on, your bill will be scaled to suit your business. How cool is that? Our billing arrangements are based on a ‘per employee per month’ basis, so the bill you pay will always be in proportion to the use you make of our online system. And because we’re all about expenses management, we think that’s a pretty effective way to, well, manage expenses. Pared to the bone, and completely waste-free…

And for our customers
So what do our customers say about us? If they all were to offer an opinion, you wouldn’t be able to hear them, such would be the cacophony. That’s because we have long-standing customers in 92 countries. That’s getting on for half the countries on the planet, and we think that’s a pretty effective global spread.

And because the vast majority of our users have been with us for a long time, we think it’s fair to say that with a collective voice, they’re saying to us: “We love ExpenseOnDemand!”

If you’re not a user yet, perhaps now’s the time to explore the benefits everyone else is getting. Visit our web site to see how our product could work for you.


Picture: Masta4650 | Dreamstime