Why customer feedback the best barometer for business

Even when customers tell you your goods or services are bad, that’s good –it highlights where you’re falling short, and gives you the opportunity to work on improvements. We’ve used it to great advantage over more than a decade of working with our expense manager app Solo Expenses. It’s helped us to get better, and create happy customers in 90 countries…

Don’t you find it mildly irritating when producers tell you their products are the best? Whenever I hear or read it, two thoughts run through my mind. The first is a phrase I first heard from my grandparents: “Self-praise is no recommendation”; the second is: “I’ll be the judge of that”.

It’s the second one that is more important to any company, no matter if its product is coffee or computers, shoes or salad vegetables. That’s because only by having other people – let’s call them customers – judge a product will its producers know if they have a winner on their hands, or just a pipe dream that will never amount to anything.

Customer feedback is an objective view from people who have nothing to gain or lose; people with no vested interest. As such that will usually mean it’s unbiased opinion, which makes like gold dust to any company. Doesn’t matter if it is good or bad (though clearly it’s more satisfying if it’s good). But the bad feedback has a value too; it tells you what people perceive is wrong with your product or service, and as such will show you where you need to improve.

At Solo Expenses, we’re pleased to say that a great deal of the customer feedback we get is positive; unsolicited third party recommendation. We set out to think of what customers might want from money management apps, and built solutions in to ours. But we’ve also made sure the product evolves too, because standing still in business is, well, we’ve all heard it, going backwards, on the basis that everyone else is improving.

Our customer feedback
This is what people have had to say about our expense manager app Claire Stevens is a charity accountant, and pays £60 a month for her 97-strong organisation – which she thinks is a steal. She says: “We are saving much, much more (than we spend) through financial discipline that is manually not possible. It makes a huge difference to a setup of our modest means.”

Jack Rolls is a restaurant owner in California, and loves the approval system offered by our app. He says anyone wanting to be an efficient expense manager should be on Solo Expenses: “I can see easily who has submitted their expenses for me to update. I can now approve expenses anywhere, anytime – I even tried it on holiday, and it was great.”

Fatima Aziz is the proprietor of an ethnic food chain store in the UAE, and says Solo Expenses is a godsend. “For all those of you who are all too familiar with the pain of having to diligently store receipts, this app eases the pain of having to log business expenses.
“I love the ease of navigation and user-friendly menus. It has very useful functionality to take photos of receipts for the accounting trail. I thoroughly recommend it.”

Nikki Jackson works with a charity employing 210 people, which has put aside the old-fashioned way of tracking expenses with spreadsheets, in which process receipts would get lost, and expenses were often paid late. She says: “Using Solo Expenses’ online tool, the whole process of expense management has become efficient. Our team love it.

“We have referred many of our business partners to use the app, not just for the commission we earn for our charity, but for the time and money-saving element.”

Those comments are only a tiny fraction of the feedback we receive, as you’d probably expect from a company that sells its product in more than 90 countries.

Try Solo Expenses yourself for nothing
Our expense manager app was the first created with sole traders in mind, but we’ve grown it since then, and there are versions for individuals managing private budgets and corporate organisations employing thousands – and everything in between.

To discover the app’s features, and benefits that would be unlocked for your organisation, you can download our Personal Use version completely free here; or take a 14-day free trial on two other versions at the same link. Please do, and afterwards, we’d love to hear your feedback too.