For crying out cloud, says Bill, as Ollie waits for his expenses

“No, not that one,” said Ollie, looking out of the window.

“No, not that one either,” he said a few moments later, still craning his neck to see what was going on outside.

“That isn’t it, and nor is that,” he said some time later, just as Bill was getting to the important slides in his PowerPoint presentation. Bill could stand it no longer. “Ollie, what’s the point of me doing all this work if you’re not paying any kind of attention What isn’t what? What is it you’re looking for?”

Ollie dragged his attention back inside the room. “Expenses. I was looking at the clouds to see which one had my expenses payment in it. The one I can’t have until my claim’s approved. The claim you were going to approve yesterday using our cloud-based expense management system. Or was it the day before?”

Bill rolled his eyes. “If this business needed a sarcasm manager, you’d be a shoo-in for the job, Ollie… You know how busy I’ve been, trying to sort out this presentation; the one you’re not listening to.”

“Oh, but on the contrary, Bill, I was listening,” said Ollie, going on to deliver a quick resume of the points Bill had just made, as if to underline the point that his mind hadn’t been wandering. “What I was trying to do was illustrate that no matter how good any kind of software really is, you show me where a human being is involved, and I’ll show you the weakest part of the software. It’s the human. Which is something of an irony, given that it was humans who made any kind of software as good as it is, and I have to say that the ExpenseOnDemand online expense management software is pretty nifty.”

Bill rolled his eyes again. “so, your childishness is to do with not having your expenses approved?”

“Well, it is about my expenses, but it’s not childishness. I’ve invested money into the business by, in effect, giving it a loan. I’d like to back, please. Simple as that, and I don’t think that’s too much to ask, in the grand scheme of things.”

Bill had to agree. “I suppose you’re right. There would seem to be little point in having a super-slick piece of software if the people operating it aren’t using it to its best advantage.”

Ollie nodded. “Yes. Given that ExpenseOnDemand is so quick to use, you could have approved my expenses whilst you were waiting for the software to load for the presentation. The trick is to think like Rudyard Kipling, and ‘fill each waking minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run’… So how about signing my expenses now? The money could be in my bank before I’ve had time to buy you a cup of coffee, if you get a move on. I’ll race you…”