Click, click, go. ExpenseOnDemand moves into the fast lane

ExpenseOnDemand exists so that your expense management can be easy and cost effective – so we thought that starting to use it should be fast and simple too, so that’s what we’ve done. Read on to find out how we made it happen

When your objective is to save time and money with effective expense management, you need to be able to hit the bullseye fast.

The new and improved features we offer through our enhanced expense management packages are superfast. They’ll record your spend in bespoke categories, and add cost and VAT codes automatically in the background, at the point of spend.

For the first time you can have complete control of the categories within your version of ExpenseOnDemand, turning them on and off at will, and adding new ones whenever there’s a need.

And the very latest development is the way we can get you onboard and enjoying all the benefits our app offers – which is faster and easier than it’s ever been.

Just two questions to answer
Now, once you’ve downloaded our expense manager app from the app store, there are two questions to answer and you’re up and running. And one of those questions is designed to find out just which option would be best for you – do you want to try the version with an approval route, or without. What could be simpler than that?

Having decided which is right for you, and answered those couple of questions, you’re up and running with an app that can make your spending much more controlled and less wasteful, highlight spikes in spending which might suggest you’re allowing too much money to go to the wrong place.

You’re also able to add VAT or cost codes in the background, allowing even more efficient money management, since the job of coding up a particular spend is done without having to bother anyone in the finance department or with your accountant. That, of course, allows the former more time to deal with work that actually adds value, and reduces the bill you get from the latter, because of the time you’ve saved for them. And look – that’s another way our expense manager app saves you money, by reducing the outgoings you’d never thought about before.

Of course, all of this added functionality is on top of what’s already there; the ability to record expenses with taps on the keyboard or as a photographed receipt.  Because it’s easy to record expenses, it’s easy to claim and pay them too, streamlining the whole process.

 Big benefits at a tiny price
You’d expect all of this functionality to come at a high price, but it doesn’t. IT can cost literally pennies per employee per month, and we’re pretty confident that diligent use will mean you’ll save more than you invest – and if that doesn’t click with you, it’s hard to know what will.

Visit our pricing page to compare features and get a better feel for the costs. (When you’re there you’ll spot that there are no features listed for our ‘Enterprise’ package. That’s because it offers a long list of features from which you can pick and choose to tailor an expense management solution to fit your organisation perfectly, even if it employs thousands. Get in touch to find out more.

Picture: David Carillet | Dreamstime