Why choosing expense management software is like choosing the right dog

When you get right down to it, there are many similarities between choosing expense management software for your small business and selecting the prefect pooch to share your life. What it comes down to is choosing the perfect fit. Here’s why…

Anyone who plunges into dog ownership without thinking it through is in for a big disappointment – and the same goes for the selection process for expense management software.

In the case of the dog, it’s obvious. The would-be dogsled driver isn’t going to get very far with a team of Yorkshire Terriers. The Chinese mandarin hoping to have a pooch up his ample sleeve is going to struggle with a St Bernard; no matter how ample that sleeve might be.

But hang on a minute; they’re all dogs, aren’t they? Well yes, they are. But not all dogs are the same, as those two examples amply illustrate. And so it is with small business expense management software. It all tracks business spending, but you need to know how effectively it does so in the context of your own business.

Sticking with the canine comparison, knowing that there’s more meat on a burger and fries than there is on a Yorkshire Terrier won’t stop you buying a fleet of Terriers to pull your dogsled until you’ve worked out how heavy the sled – and you – will be.

In choosing the right solution to keep track of your business spending, you need to look past the smoke and mirrors of very effective TV advertising to see the real story.

Vive la difference
No two businesses are exactly alike, and in configuring the ExpenseOnDemand travel and expense management software we’ve recognised that and set up an infinitely flexible ‘on demand’ way of using the features built into our system.

We’ve gone for a dashboard arrangement highlighting all the features of our software in the one place – and a single click is all that’s needed to turn a feature on or off.

Cost under perfect control
And there’s the beauty of expense management software as we see it. By having the ability to ‘self-select’ features in an on-demand way, every user can tweak and adjust the way they use our software so it’s a truly bespoke fit for their business. And what’s more, we charge only for what you use on a rolling 28-day contract basis, which means every business owner has complete control over what they’re spending.

To us, that makes perfect sense. We’re in the business of putting companies in control of expense management, so why wouldn’t we build in the ability to control spend on our product too?

Try it for yourself
We could talk about our expense management software for small business until the cows come home, but to get the full picture we suggest discovering it for yourself. Users in more than 90 countries already have done, and learned just how we can help them to keep their costs under control, making their businesses more profitable as a result.