Why choose ExpenseOnDemand? The question you never knew you were asking

It’s not so much a question, more a way of life. In this blog we consider the question that’s really being asked, which you didn’t even know was in your mind, especially when it comes to online expense management software…

Ask a politician a question, and there’s a better than even chance that they’ll answer an entirely different one. That’s where this blog is going. Not for any weaselly political reason, you understand, but to get you to answer the question for yourself, in the context of your own life.

It’s like this. There’s only one question in marketing. It’s not always asked, or even thought about, but it’s there all the same. It’s this: “What’s in it for me?”

That’s what everyone wants to know. Of course, the question is always hidden behind something else you want to know, like ‘how cheap?’ or ‘how fast?’. Even in those two short phrases you’ll see the questioner is in it for themselves, or perhaps their company. But the question is in their eyes; look at the girl in our picture.

So, let’s cut to the chase, here’s why you should choose ExpenseOnDemand because of what’s in it for you.

Here’s what’s in it for you when you choose ExpenseOnDemand

Here are twelve things for you when you choose ExpenseOnDemand.

  1. Free stuff
    That’s right. Some elements of our system are completely free for you to use for as long as you’re a registered user.
  2. More money
    Cost savings will be created by having intuitive expense management software that staff will use because it’s also easy
  3. More time
    Our online expense management software offers a simple claiming, approval, and payment process
  4. Accessibility
    We’ll let you manage expenses anywhere in the world that has a WiFi signal
  5. Reduced fraud
    Take mileage claims; our GPS-based system records mileages precisely, with no room for artificial inflation
  6. Bespoke filing
    Our software comes with pre-set expense categories, but it’s been set up to allow you to create your own. Cost Centre? Project? Branch office? Employee? All are possible, and can be deleted when you’ve finished with them
  7. Flexibility
    Our software is feature rich, but you may not need every feature, so we don’t make you pay for it. Pick’n’mix what you need in our easy-to-use dashboard, and pay for those alone.
  8. Accuracy
    Since expenses are introduced to the system at the point of spend, with no re-keying in a laborious data entry process, there’s no chance of expensive errors creeping in.
  9. Compatibility
    Our charges flex based not only on the features you select, but also on the number of people you employ, because our charges are on a per employee per month basis. You’ll find no long-term contracts with us
  10. Synchronicity
    Streamline the expenses process even further by integrating your selected credit cards into our software
  11. Familiarity
    ExpenseOnDemand is effective because it’s easy to use. You can create an expenses policy in our small business expense management software, so everyone’s on the same page, and its ease of use will make it easy for you to win employee buy-in.
  12. Universality
    ExpenseOnDemand knows about expense management software for small business. We’ve been in the business for just about the whole millennium so far, developing and evolving our product to meet the changing needs of business. We have satisfied customers in 98 countries. Visit our web site to find out the benefits you could share be managing your expenses the ExpenseOnDemand way.

Picture: Darren Baker | Dreamstime