Challenge to Distribute a BCB and/or a B2B product/service…..

Challenge to Distribute a BCB and or a B2B product service-1 Going forward, the mobile phones will be the device of choice. Already #smartphones are outselling mobile phones. Smartphones use apps, and any app business that focuses on a B2B or a B2C market will face “the” distribution challenge.

While we at face this too, we are addressing this in multiple ways.

We set ourselves a challenge to make the user experience easy, simple and enjoyable. This meant that the user should, within 45 seconds, be able to figure out their way around the app, and start using it. And thereafter, 15 seconds, going down to 7 seconds.

When people enjoy using an app, they are more likely to share it. To this end, we built within the #SoloExpenses app a comprehensive, yet very simple #affiliatemarketing programme. Thus allowing every user to also become a re-seller also !

When users pay, the re-seller can view their income on their #smartphones in real-time. Additionally, as a USP, the re-sellers also earn commission upto 6 degrees of separation. In other words, their income is into perpetuity and always increasing.

To assist our re-sellers, we have a comprehensive e-mailing and customer engagement engine in the background, which is constantly scanning a prospect or a customer and recommending them a better use of the application, so as to increase stickiness.

Blogging on our site and other social platforms, and PR activity are also very important.
Additionally, to increase the stickiness, we are taking an unconventional path of introducing various gamification functions to differentiate ourselves and engage with the customer.
To start with, we at #SoloExpenses introduced some interesting semi-gamification functions, which focus on #savingtime and #savingmoney for a business person. For example, expenses can be delegated to your accountant for completion. Therefore, as a business person you just photograph the receipt and upon saving, the receipts reach the accountant in real time for completion. The completion time taken by the account is another 10 seconds, and ensures every receipt is captured and accounted for VAT or tax.

Challenge to Distribute a BCB and or a B2B product service-2 From an accountant’s perspective, where it took several hours earlier to “weed” through hundreds of unreadable receipts, resulting in under claiming VAT; the process now takes seconds. It also ensures the client gets value for their fees (all VAT is reclaimed and no excess tax is paid). More importantly, it frees time for the #accountant to prospect or take on more business.

Entertainment requires, under law, a specific treatment, where all attendees have to be named and the purpose of the meal. To ensure this is never missed and happens instantly, we have provided a voice recorder, which converts the voice to text and also keeps the voice record permanently. Once again, within 10 seconds you can complete this process, which earlier could be a real deal-breaker.

The app will be in 11 languages on each language app store, to help business people #save both time and money.

Sunil Nigam
Solo Expenses