Are you ambitious?

Working in a stable monotonous dead-end job? Do you feel stifled and want to make a difference in society while learning how to build your personal wealth?

If this sounds familiar then talk to us!

We set up shop in 2003, selling an employee expense management service. We are a successful business, with customers in 92 countries and growing. We are always on the lookout for people just like you, who are looking for an exciting challenge, and are ready to kill the boredom!

Here is how this works. You carry on with your job but work on “assignments” with us. We can discuss the compensation, which could be a combination of money and shares or just shares, depending upon your circumstances, and appetite for risk.

We have availabilities in the following positions:

  • Designers – mobile and web
  • Sales people, who are “rain-makers”. For example, help us create partnerships with mobile companies, payroll providers, F&A providers, banks, credit card companies, digital wallet companies or any organisation where volumes can be achieved

Reach out to us in confidence and over a cup of coffee, we can discuss the future!