Business expense tracking apps for small and medium businesses

Technology is getting more sophisticated – and so are the hackers, and that’s why details of your expenses are safe with the ExpenseOnDemand expense tracker app. Let us explain why…

Every scrap of data a hacker can mine illicitly from any part of your computer network has a value. That’s why there are cyber attacks almost without number around the globe, happening at this very moment, and why you can never be too careful about IT security.

There are two broad areas to be aware of – the internet of things and your own network security.

Let’s take the last one first. This is about the levels of security around your own network; about the levels of security you’ve set, the strength of your anti-virus software, and about how often you back up data.

For example, do you have a dedicated firewall device sitting between your network and the internet, like a dark-suited bouncer at the entrance to an exclusive club? You should.  Do you back up files to a secure data vault on a regular basis? Are you strict about how the backups are done? You should be.

And then what about your central heating? Yes, you heard that correctly, We’re talking about the internet of things; the inter-connectivity of devices like central heating times, and remotely-accessible CCTV cameras. Often these are equipped with low security thresholds, allowing others to view what was exclusively yours. Chilling thought, isn’t it? But it’s entirely possible, for unprotected devices on the Internet of Things represent a back door into your IT network…

The best security from ExpenseOnDemand
The strongest IT security you’ll find is on the cloud, home of levels of protection the home or small business user can only dream of. That’s why business expense track apps like ExpenseOnDemand live there, in a world of data encryption, virtualisation, and international storage.

Data stored in such an expense tracker app is held on multiple servers, all of which are largely hacker-proof, protecting your expenses data on two levels. Firstly, from a cyber point of view, hacking these servers is a difficult business, and secondly, from a physical point of view, is one data centre were to be damaged by fire, for example, another would take over the work – and you wouldn’t notice the switch.

Strong levels of security are one of the important features of expense tracking apps for small business like ExpenseOnDemand; features you can’t see when using the app, but which are vital to their secure operation.

At ExpenseOnDemand we take your security very seriously, which is why we’ve been operating from the cloud for almost 15 years, long before a lot of people were even aware of its existence. And when it comes to understanding what expense tracking apps for small business have to deliver, remember that ours was the first created exclusively with the sole trader in mind. Users in almost 100 countries have come to rely on our products (which have grown to be four, each created with a specific kind of business in mind), trusting us to look after their data and make it instantly accessible, whenever and wherever they need it.

That, of course, is the other advantage of cloud-based computing – that it’s accessible from anywhere you have access to a Wi-Fi signal, allowing you to maximise the business benefit of squeezing as much value as possible from every minute of your working day.

And if you’re in an area that has no Wi-Fi signal, chances are it’s a remote, and you’re there because you are supposed to be having a break. Take one. Even for a short time, secure in the knowledge that ExpenseOnDemand has got your back from a security point of view, and will be waiting for you when you’re once more able to plunge into the omni-connected world of the 21st century.