Business expense tracker helps Ollie to clean up his working life


“Wow, Ollie,” said Bill, shrugging off his coat to start the day. “I can’t believe you’re at your desk early – and what’s that I can see? It surely can’t be the surface of your desk?”

Ollie smiled at him. “You’re looking at the new me, Bill. A tidy desk is the sign of a tidy mind, and that’s how I’m going to work from now on. Tidily. With a clean desk policy.”

“Those are strong words coming from someone whose desk always looked as though it was the cleaner’s day off,” replied Bill. “It used to put me in mind of a tornado in a recycling facility. I bet you’ve just stuffed everything into the drawers.”

“Harsh words, Bill. Harsh. You should never judge the quality of a man’s work by the state of his desk. I bet Einstein had a scruffy desk. Though to be honest, I did consider putting a lot of stuff in the drawers…”

“Why didn’t you?”

“They were already full of the earlier mess I’d cleared up. Did you know that dried up banana skins goes very hard when left long enough?”

“I can’t believe I’ve lived for so long without knowing such a useless piece of information, Ollie Banks,” said Bill. “But seriously. How will you keep track of everything without your customary heap of paper?”

Ollie smiled again. “I’ve fallen back on the power of technology, Bill. There are solutions out there for everything. We’re managing our expenses with ExpenseOnDemand from now on. It has all the features we could possibly want, and we can pick and choose which ones we need, so the cost is always under control. This is the future – it’s auto, mate!”

Bill groaned and put his hand over his eyes. “I think I preferred the old disorganised Ollie, if the new one is going to make weak puns like that. Anyway, I bet I know one function that ExpenseOnDemand doesn’t have – the ability to make coffee. That’s something you could do for us right now.”

Ollie jumped to his feet. “I’ll go one better. I’ll go down to the coffee shop and get you a double shot latte with hazelnut syrup. I know it’s your favourite. And recording the fact that I’ve bought it on ExpenseOnDemand will be simple.”

“Go!” shouted Bill, hurling a screwed-up ball of paper at the disappearing back of his friend, adding, to himself, ‘auto-mate, indeed’. Good grief…”