Bring me solutions: Expense management software for enterprise business

We’ve all heard the mantra ‘don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions’. It’s been said so often it’s become a management cliché. But at ExpenseOnDemand, we’d argue that’s happened because of the truth behind it, especially where it comes to our area of expertise – business expense management software.

No-one would deny that running a business can be tough. (though we exclude from that the people who’ve never done it, and think it’s probably a walk in the park). At every turn there’s something else to be done; another task to be accomplished; another problem to be solved.

Before you know it, another day has gone by, and the ‘to do’ list is actually longer than it was when you started the day. Sound familiar?

We’d say the toughest business battle is against time, which there never seems to be enough of. And that’s where technology becomes the friend of business, because there are ways of doing things faster – and better – than the conventional wisdom might suggest

For small businesses, it’s easy to make a switch to using the latest technology – for organisations involving thousands, the perception is that it takes much longer to make the change.

But that’s a fallacy, at least as far as enterprise expense management software is concerned. The switch from the way ‘it’s always been done’ is not only easier than might be supposed, but making the change delivers cost savings you might never have imagined.

It’s too easy to think of effective expense management as getting people to make accurate claims promptly, and paying them on time. Thanks to the power of technology, there’s a lot more to it than that. And here’s the thing: the larger the organisation, the greater the saving that can be made, and the more specialised can be the solution – because our Enterprise expense management software package can be customised to create a precise organisational fit. By combining whatever features you need, a perfect bespoke solution can be developed.

Making the complex simple
Here’s the key to our effectiveness. The ExpenseOnDemand approach to expense reporting software is to make it straightforward, and roll up all of the features in a simple app that sits happily on a smartphone. There’s the first benefit. Everyone is familiar with smartphones these days, so everyone can use our app instinctively.

12 good reasons to use expense reporting software from ExpenseOnDemand
Rolling on from there, let’s look at the other benefits of our expense management software:

1. Rapid setup
2. in-built approval mechanisms
3. automatic mileage recording
4. cloud-based software, so it’s available anywhere, any time
5. vehicle management
6. mileage validation
7. travel booking and credit card management
8. report writing capability
9. multiple currencies for international involvement
10. automated process saves tome and money be eliminating manual intervention
11. no need for paper receipts
12. faster reimbursement

Reveal hidden savings
Another beauty of this software is the hidden savings it makes. How much time is spent by your finance department in managing the expenses process? How many mistakes are made? Perhaps you don’t even know. Now might be a good time to find out, because that effort adds no value at all to the bottom line – in fact, it could be harming it by holding costs higher than they need to be.

Automating the process with the help of ExpenseOnDemand potentially frees up a lot of time for other, more productive activity, and that has to be worth investigating, hasn’t it? Perhaps that’s why ExpenseOnDemand is the solution you need to a problem you didn’t even know you had – until now…