Best of both worlds: why bakers have to multitask to make the dough

OK, OK; that’s the oldest and most worn-out pun you’ve heard in months, and you deserve better. But there’s some truth in it. Don’t see it? Then read on and learn of Amir’s story, and why he relies on an expenses app…

Meet Amir*; that’s him in the picture. He’s a baker, and looking at the prodigious output at his left in this picture, he’s good at it too.

But like any baker (or butcher, or candlestick-maker, the trades we hear of in the nursery rhyme), he has to know about far more than just the recipe for good bread.

Amir’s story is about working hard for long and difficult hours. He doesn’t have the time to sit at a desk and ‘mess around’ with columns or figures. Doing that earns him no money – and yet it must be done all the same. It’s a conundrum faced by business people on every continent. How to have the time they need to do what must be done, even if the task earns no money in itself.

But Amir uses his loaf (sorry, couldn’t help it). He’s thought of effective ways to plug the gaps in his knowledge, and there are always gaps for aspiring entrepreneurs. That’s the trouble. People with the right skills to set up in business – like bakery, butchery, and candle-stick makery (that’s not a word, but it has a nice ring to it) often don’t know about business.

There are so many other things to understand about earning a living from a skill, which is why entrepreneurs, proprietors, or freelancers have to work hard to succeed.

The savviest amongst them turn to technology to plug the gaps in their knowledge, and in almost 100 countries they turn to ExpenseOnDemand for business expense management.

For Amir, our expenses application can be worked with floury fingers to record spending on flour, yeast, salt, and all the other things needed to make a bakery function.

With data carefully and quickly entered into our app, Amir is then able to manipulate it to control his costs, and perhaps find out where he is overspending. Perhaps it’s the way it allows him to collate and interrogate the information that gives him the edge, or perhaps it’s the ability to send the information direct to his accountant or book-keeper to do that for him. IT doesn’t matter. What’s important is that by using the ExpenseOnDemand iOS expense management app, Amir spends as little time as possible on tasks that add no value directly to his business – but still gets the work done effectively.

And that is a lesson that applies to every small business: Follow the money, for that’s the way to success.

*That’s not his real name; we just called him that for the purposes of this blog