Best Money Management App for Android and iOS

These tiny pink flowers should be a lesson to all of us searching for the best money management app. They thrive where it’s a surprise to find that anything can live; squeezing into the tiniest fissures in rocks, where there’s hardly room for soil, let alone roots. Their name? Thrift. And that’s where the lesson’s to be found.

When I was young I wanted to be a space explorer. Grandma always use to smile and say ‘Yes dear, of course you do’, and then remind me to count my blessings. I could really have used the best app for money management to help me do that. Grandma would tell me there was nothing wrong with wanting to be a space explorer; nothing at all; but if I was to be one, first I’d have to be very good at what I was doing now. It was one the rungs on the career ladder I wanted to climb, even if it was only doing well at maths. “Bloom where you’re planted,” she’d say.

Well, I never got to be a space explorer, and to be honest, I suspect it’s not going to happen any time soon. And if truth be told, I never got to be very good at maths, either.

As far as maths was concerned, I didn’t bloom where I was planted, unlike the tiny pink flowers of Armeria Maritima or Thrift, to give it a more familiar name. I ignored Grandma’s advice.

But Thrift, named for its ability to thrive on the most meagre resources, is helping me to learn that lesson now, and to patch over my poor maths by finding the best app to manage money; an app that will do all the calculations for me, and show me how little money I have to last for the rest of the month.

Having done my homework, I’ve found that picking the best money management app for ios (I’m an iPhone user) could be a tricky task; there are a lot to pick from. Even more, if you put finding the best money management app for android into the mix.

The one I chose in the end was Solo Expenses. It has taught me thrift, which Grandma always used to say was about thrift; about using resources – money in particular – carefully and not wastefully. The app has allowed me to see more clearly than ever before where I’m spending money – and I’ve never done it so well before.

Choosing – and more importantly using – the best app for money management diligently has taught me six things. (It would have been seven, but ‘chase the best interest’ seemed to be a waste of time, with rates now lower than a centipede’s kneecaps).

Six things I’ve done after finding my best app for money management

  1. I’ve got out of debt. Having the best app to manage money has given me a sharp focus on the difference between what I have to spend and what I want to spend. They’re not the same thing. Channeling money away from needless stuff and into debt repayments has got me out from under financially, and allowed me to start saving.
  2. I’ve found out what I was wasting. That came as a bit of a shock. For a start, did I really need a lime and mango cooler in the coffee shop every day, and twice on some? Of course I didn’t. I’m able to put that money aside now, but I would never have been able to do that without the best app to manage money.
  3. I’ve got into online auctions – as a seller. My house was full of stuff. Just random stuff. Some of it I no longer used; some of it I had never used. I got onto the online auction habit, and turned it into cash , which I recorded down to the last penny in Solo Expenses. I even set up a category for it in the app. The best app for money management will allow you to ad extra categories like this.
  4. I’ve set a goal. I want to get into space almost as much as ever. Perhaps I’ll be able to use my best buddy best app to manage money so that I can make sure there’s enough saved to get me one of those ‘weightless’ flight trips…
  5. I’ve got into a regular savings habit. I make sure I put some money into a separate bank account every month. It’s where the online auction revenue goes when I’ve entered it into the best app to manage money, and it’s mounting up!
  6. I’m thinking about a pension. I know I won’t live forever, but I don’t intend to work for ever either, so I’m trying to squirrel some funds away to add to the workplace and state pensions I’ll be able to draw eventually. A money management app for ios will be by my side all the time, but having a money management app for Android will be just as effective.

In the end, Grandma; thanks for the advice. I’ve taken it at last, even if it was a few decades after you gave it. Like those little pink thrift flowers, I’m blooming where I have been planted, spending within my means with the help of the best app to manage money, and one day, who knows; I might get to be one of Richard Branson’s space tourists.

I wonder if my life would have been different if I’d tried harder at maths…?

Picture: Markus Gann via Dreamstime