Why the best expense manager app is like a snack vending machine

“It’s a funny thing,” said Ollie, standing in front of the vending machine and waving an expansive arm at the contents displayed inside: “I like everything in here. Everything. But I couldn’t manage them all at the same time, so in a way I don’t like any of them.”

Workmate Bill raised his eyebrows at his friend. “Only you could link two contradictory thoughts in the same sentence,” he said. “Either you like them all, or you don’t.”

“You’re deliberately misunderstanding me. Picking just one item from here at just about any time will meet my needs perfectly. If it doesn’t, I can add another. Those cheesy crackers, for instance, followed by that chocolate bar. A perfectly balanced meal. And if my appetite comes back in the afternoon, I can add something else. The machine’s there all the time, and its contents are waiting for me to make a selection.”

The expense manager app metaphor
Bill shook his head. “I’d challenge the thought that cheese-flavoured crackers and a chocolate bar constitute a balanced meal. However, I’m with you when you talk about choice. This vending machine could almost be a metaphor for the ExpenseOnDemand dashboard. That has lots of features that you can pick and choose from at any time, making it the best expense manager app – because not only does every user build it to suit their organisation, but can also change it at any time too. Freedom of choice means you can pay for just what you need at any given time. For any business the ability to control costs effectively and simply is a real bonus, especially at time of political uncertainty.”

Ollie nodded. “And I suppose ExpenseOnDemand is pretty intuitive to operate as well, so it doesn’t take long to get to grips with it and make it work for you? People focus on income streams and cashflow so often – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but they can easily overlook the fact that time’s finite, so that requires managing too. Once it’s spent, it’s spent, and you can’t get it back.”

“Agreed,” said Bill. “And at the moment we’re frittering away our lives, and those of the people queueing behind us, waiting for you to make a selection from a vending machine, which you seem to have forgotten all about. What are you going to choose? Remember that you’re only topping up the healthy lunch you brought from home, so don’t go wild.”

Ollie pointed to his selection, a bag of chocolate-covered raisins. “That’s the one,” he said. “Raisins. Probably one of my five a day…”