Best corporate expense management Android and iPhone apps in 2017

They say size doesn’t matter. Try telling that to krill about to be eaten by a whale. That’s when it matters very much. And it’s just the same with corporate expense management. Our blogger Stuart Pearcey explains why.

The larger an organisation gets, the more likely it is to be slow, cumbersome and unresponsive in its actions. And the more likely it is to lose the grasp of details in its languorous progress through life.

In my experience, the size of an organisation is in direct proportion to the complexity of the internal systems it operates, and that just hinders its ability to get things done. Oh, sure, products get produced and services get served, but the proportion of ‘duds’, the failures we hear about on the news, gets larger.

And those are the bits we see and hear about. The internal failings, like unnecessary meetings and time wasted in water-cooler gossip, never get mentioned. Why should they, you might ask. What business is it of ours? Simply this: as customers, we pay for it all, and the rest of the wasteful and clunky corporate machinery that “Corporate Incorporated Ltd” thinks it needs to get by.

Corporate expense management software
Inside all that clunky machinery there’s bound to be a mechanism for paying employee expenses. I’d bet that in some of them expense management still involves a hand-written signature on a piece of paper. And there’ll be a spreadsheet lurking about in there somewhere, soaking up time, building in mistakes. It’s all wrong. We have technology, and we should be using it.

The trouble is, when it comes to the best corporate expense management, small tends to involve a corporate expense management app, and many at the top of big business are mistrustful of them.

They need to see past the prejudice and eye up the positives. Here’s an instance where small is beautiful. And simple. And user-friendly. And time saving. And… and… and all sorts of good stuff. And because of all those ‘ands’ the cumulative effect is significant, because it impacts the bottom line at “Corporate Incorporated Ltd” – which is what executives have their eye on all the time. Sure, it’ll reduce time taken to process expenses – both claiming and paying. Either way, that’s creating more time available for work that adds value by ditching deadwood. It’ll also do much to mitigate fraud, which happens with expense claims, where clunky systems make it easier to get away with. There’s more money saved, right there.

 The devil’s in the detail
Details are what corporate management apps like Solo Expenses are good at, so long as they’re used diligently. So when looking for a corporate expense management app, look for one that fits the corporate need in your business. Because Solo Expenses has been in the business since 2003 (since then we’ve won customers in almost 100 countries), we’ve evolved and streamlined our product to fit your business like a glove.

There are three versions of our expense management app for individuals and small firms, but for corporate clients we’ve developed our ‘Enterprise’ package.

 Your business, your app
Or, to be more accurate, you’ve developed it. The ‘Enterprise’ offering is a collection of diverse elements, any or all of which might be appropriate to your business. When you decide to implement it, we can work with you to establish exactly what you want to get out of working with us, so we know exactly what we need to put into your version of our app.

There are a lot of expense management apps out there, for Android and iPhone. Work with the one that’s been in the business for years, and therefore understands your needs inside out; possibly even better that you understand them yourself. Work with Solo Expenses.

And remember, no matter how big we’ve grown; how global our reach, (which should give corporate clients some comfort), we’re still small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, because we sit quietly on your employees’ phones, working away to cut your company costs day in, day out.

Sure, the biggest whales on the planet are magnificent animals, majestic and massive. But they owe their lives to krill, some of the smallest. Here’s a case of the little guy making the big guy what he is. It’s the same in business. Small and apparently insignificant details contribute to corporate success, in whatever area you choose.

So small doesn’t mean insignificant. Let’s hear it for the little guy.

Let’s hear it for the krill.